Panasonic Raising $1.9 Billion Through A New Bonds Scheme

Posted on Sep 28 2012 - 9:46am by Editorial Staff

It’s Japan tech company day today as atleast what it appears to be, first the Sharp confirmed $4.6 billion financial deal and now words coming from Panasonic, who has been raising $1.9 billion through a new bonds scheme, the company announced today. The company will offer the bonds in order to enhance the stability of financial position with keeping the long-term stabilization of debt in mind.

An outline of the issuance of bonds is as follows:

  • Type of Securities: Unsecured Straight Bonds
  • Amount: Up to 150 billion yen
  • Period of Issuance: In or after October 2012
  • Offering Method: Public Offering in Japan (planned)
  • Purpose of Funding: Redemption of commercial paper and bonds

Although providing the key details of the issuance of bonds, the details of the issuance of bonds, including the total amount of bonds, offering price, interest rate, maturity and date of issue, will be determined in the later stage.

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