MacBook Air Patent – May Be Or May Be Not, Still Not Clear

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 6:47am by Editorial Staff

On Tuesdays, the US Patent and Trademark Offices publishes the list of all the patents that has been granted for the week and during this week patent list, the organization has included a total of 19 patents issued to Apple – among those what interest us the more there is one patent among the series of patents which labelled as the MacBook Air Patent – the thing of question here is that the subject patent US D654,072 simply not covering the overall design of the MacBook Air.

With the design patents, it is not indicating that what the real product is going to be all about as the dashed lines in design patent drawings provide context, but do not at all define what is patented – as only the structures depicted in solid lines provide real insights into the patented feature. It’s somehow not the right thing to come at any conclusion but let’s take a look at the main drawings and think that whether these designs in anyhow “actually” results in Apple MacBook Air.

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