Intellectual Ventures Sues AT&T, T-Mobile USA And Sprint Nextel Over MMS Patents

Posted on Feb 17 2012 - 5:57am by Editorial Staff

According to Reuters report, Intellectual Ventures, a privately held patent holding firm which was co-founded by a former Microsoft executive in a bid of another lawsuit in the wireless industry over intellectual property sued United States three of the top four mobile providers for patent infringement – the intellectually property is that facilitated by the swapping of multi-media messages between their customers.

The companies accused are AT&T, Sprint Nextel and T-Mobile USA – Verizon is excluded from the suit as it is having already licensed the IP from Intellectual Ventures – there are total of fifteen counts of infringements of patents related to their website network services in the lawsuit.

Some background information:

HTC acquired a company which was with the name of Dashwire, which is said to have license patents from Intellectual Ventures – the HTC acquisition was all likely to seem in the name of protecting itself from Intellectual Ventures eyes – the company is owned by Microsoft’s former CTO, Nathan Myhrvold – since Verizon is already agreeing to pay for the IP – other carriers stuck with the problem until and unless the follow and accept the suite.

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