Leaving Home For College – Here’s What You’ll Really Need

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Leaving home is a major milestone. If you’re preparing to flee the nest and start a new adventure at college, you may be thinking about packing. But what do you really need? Here’s an essential checklist to ensure stress-free packing and set you up for a great first trimester.

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Electronics and gadgets

We’re increasingly reliant on electronics and gadgets these days. Most students won’t want to leave home without an array of devices and gizmos to work, play, and keep in touch with friends. A laptop or desktop computer is a must. Your college is likely to have hundreds of machines you can use, but it’s beneficial to have your own. You can work in the comfort of your own room, and you’ll have round the clock access. You may also wish to take a printer.

Many of us now use our phones and tablets to check what’s going on in the world and contact friends. When you’re moving away, you may be leaving school friends and family behind. Smartphones and tablets enable you to keep in touch for free. You can use social media sites, check your email, and make video calls.

When you’re working, or you’re getting ready for a party, you may want to listen to music. You can take a hi-fi with you or invest in a dock and some speakers for your phone or music player.

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Creating a suitable workspace

The first few days of college may be all about meeting people and signing up for societies. But students are there to work. Within a couple of weeks, you’ll have a routine in place. You’ll be set assignments, and you’ll be required to do extensive reading and research. You may choose to go to the library or other facilities on campus, but it’s always beneficial to have a workspace set up in your room.

If you don’t already have a desk and chair in your room, consider investing in these items. There’s a whole range of student chairs available to suit every budget. You can choose from classroom-style chairs or plush leather office chairs. If you’re going to be working from your room frequently, it’s worth spending a little more. Try and choose a chair, which offers protection for the lower back. This will help to prevent back pain.

A plain desk and chair can be uninspiring. If you’re looking to make the space a little more visually appealing, add a plant and some wall art.

Don’t forget essentials like files and folders, pens, and post-it notes. Even if you do most of your work on a laptop, you’ll still need pads to take down notes and plan essays.

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Kitchen equipment and food

If you’re moving to accommodation, which doesn’t include catering, you’ll need kitchen equipment. You don’t need to go crazy and spend a fortune. But it’s a good idea to take a kettle, toaster, and some pots and pans. If the accommodation doesn’t already have one, a microwave can also be a fantastic addition. Look out for student bundles when you’re shopping. Some stores offer incredible discounts at this time of year when people are heading off to college.

College students have a reputation for eating their parents out of house and home when they return for the holidays. If you’re starting college for the first time, it’s wise to arrive with groceries in tow if you don’t have a meal plan. If you’re not a culinary maestro, it’s also a good idea to take some simple recipe books. You’ll also find a whole host of ideas online.

You’ll also need washing up liquid, washing powder and fabric softener if you’re living independently.

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You may have already received your reading list for the upcoming trimester. Your tutors may have recommended sellers and outlets. If they haven’t, check online. You can often save a lot of money by ordering online rather than visiting bookstores. It’s also worth looking for second-hand books that are still in good condition.

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You’ll need plenty of clothes when you go away to college. Most days, you’ll just be casual, but take some smarter outfits for socials and events. When you get your student card, you may be entitled to discounts at some clothing stores. If you’re interested in taking up sports or joining teams, don’t forget your trainers and some gym wear. Take a thick, waterproof coat with you and an umbrella.

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Going to college is an incredible experience. If the start of term is imminent, follow this checklist to make packing simple. Check with your college to see what is provided, and take advantage of student discounts. Good luck, and have an awesome time!

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