5 Jobs For Those Who Love Fashion

Posted on Aug 18 2016 - 11:51pm by Editorial Staff


There are some people out there who simply have a knack for fashion. It’s these people who can create a stellar outfit out of a stack of old clothes; can throw something together that works; and who can gauge the fashion industry to determine what will be in next. There are certain jobs out there for these people that can make them a ton of money. People are always interested in fashion, so whether you work for a fashion company or simply use your fashion gifts to work as your own boss, here are five jobs that are a great choice for those who love fashion.


Fashion stylists are not just for celebrities (although it would be cool to work for someone famous). There are also plenty of everyday people out there who will pay good money for someone to come and dress them in the right way. If you are good with putting things together or knowing the best styles for certain body types, then you should consider being a fashion stylist. You may find a job that allows you to work every day, or you may be lucky to make good money working part time. If creating outfits is what interests you, put it to work.

Fashion Designer

If you’re more on the creative side, then maybe you should try your hand at being a fashion designer. These people can make a great amount of money by simply designing the looks that you see in magazines, on runways, and even in the store. Plus, while it would be beneficial for you to be handy with a sewing machine, many designers are just the brains behind the operation. You can simply come up with the design of the clothes you want to produce, and you can let the production take place by someone else. There are plenty of fashion design competitions out there that can help you get recognized, too, so use these avenues to make a name for yourself.

Body Piercer

When you think of fashion, you need to think of accessories. While most people may think of necklaces, fashion also includes body piercing too. Not only do your earrings or nose ring make a statement, but your facial or other body piercing also makes a fashion statement, whether you mean it to or not. If you are interested in the unique side of the fashion world, you can attend a body piercing trade school and use your skill to help people achieve the look they want.


In order to capture fashion, you need a photographer to bring the look to life. If you enjoy the ever-changing atmosphere of the fashion industry, then you should become a fashion photographer. With this job, you get to experience something new every day. Plus, chances are that you’ll be able to travel to fun parts of the world. Who wouldn’t want to travel to fun places like Paris or Milan on someone else’s budget? Plus, your photo shoots could land on the cover of fashion magazines, and soon enough, everyone will know your name.


You know those mannequins you see in the store? Did you know that it’s someone’s job to dress them and to lay out the clothes and accessories in a certain way? These are called merchandisers, and they’re responsible for taking a store’s inventory and making it look its best. Depending on the store, these people may have certain style guides they have to follow, but they do often have some freedom to make changes. If you have a knack for putting items together that people will love, then you should consider working as a merchandiser at a local store.

There are many different aspects to the fashion industry. If you love seeing the many changes that come through or being the trendsetter, then maybe fashion is your future. Thankfully, you have plenty of options to choose from when it comes to snagging a job, so find what you love to do and make it happen.

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