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Posted on Jul 26 2017 - 4:30pm by Editorial Staff

In this day and age when everything is backed by the internet and advanced computing and all information are available at your fingertips, learning seems to have taken a back seat. Add to it, the drawbacks of traditional learning methods and you get a generation that is unwilling to learn further. As the country is trying to make its mark globally, we simply cannot afford to lose this opportunity due to lack of good learning environments. Talentedge, an Ed-Tech firm, has developed SLIQ 2.0, the first of its kind Learning Management System (LMS) aimed at professionals as well as students that promote learning and staying up to date in a rapidly changing business environment. SLIQ 2.0 was recently launched at an event held at IIM Kashipur.

Under the leadership of its CEO, Mr. Aditya Malik, Talent Edge is the pioneer of anywhere learning in the country. Using the potential of digital technology, the company delivers Live and Interactive learning opportunities on mobile devices. These online classes that mimic classroom like interactions allowing their users to work together and enhance their learning experience in the digital space. The company collaborates with leading learning institutes in the country and even abroad. Industry specific courses designed by the best faculty for with high relevance to the current markets are what make Talentedge’s offerings unique. The opportunity to interact with corporate leaders as well as academicians is an unparalleled accomplishment for an online education company.

Years of teaching experience tells us that each student is unique when it comes to learning and will understand and execute concepts in his/her own fashion. This uniqueness can be seen in student interactions and even captured digitally. Talentedge’s unique Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine that sits at the core of SLIQ 2.0 provides unique learning objectives to each student. Having analyzed millions of interactions provided by students over the years, the system is robust as well as accurate in providing inputs to its users.

But that’s not all the engine can do. It also powers the Avatar Bot that acts as a mentor for learning sessions. Since the interaction with the bot is extremely personal, it encourages learners to ask the simplest of doubts that they would otherwise not clarify in an open setting. The Bot searches the data for related queries and gives a solution to the question. In case, the question still remains unanswered the Bot automatically sends the query to course instructors that can answer them.

The AI engine can also power recommendations to course instructors to include or exclude parts of the curriculum depending on student interactions. This helps to curate the curriculum from time to time, keeping it relevant and addressing student needs. Unlike traditional classrooms, where the curriculum is revised periodically over 5 or 10 years, the curriculum on SLIQ 2.0 is revised more frequently and offers a distinct advantage to its users.

Like any other online teaching environment, SLIQ 2.0 comes inbuilt with a dashboard, classes, assignments and discussion groups. But what really sets it apart is the addition of gamified assignments where the learner can have some fun while completing the assignment. There is also the addition of the attendance tracker that not only checks if the user logs in to your class but also if he/she is really paying attention. A confirmation of the same can also be obtained from the learning analytics option that helps users trace their progress. The ease of accessing the SLIQ 2.0 on multiple devices, which includes iOS and Android phone makes it extremely easy for users to continue learning irrespective of their location or device.

SLIQ 2.0 is designed to be used by professionals as well as students for online learning and fast track their careers by taking up new courses in their spare time. While IIM Kashipur is one of the content providers, Talentedge has also collaborated with other institutes such as XLRI, SPJIMR, IIM Rohtak, Jack Welch Management Institute and others for a variety of courses that professionals can take as per their interests.

Just like the CEO, Mr. Malik said at its launch, SLIQ 2.0 is a “path breaking product” that can guarantee satisfactory service while providing good learning outcomes. The AI, the Bot and the feedback that the system can give to enhance the learning experience is an entirely new concept to online learning that is highly beneficial to all parties involved. It is indeed the future of learning that is available today and is going to change the landscape of online learning in the country to new heights. With premier institutes collaborating content, SLIQ 2 is a game changer when it comes to educating the masses.

A recent addition to the famous IIMs, IIM Kashipur, under the aegis of its Director, Professor, Gautam Sinha, is a new age IIM with the flexibility and resources to adapt to the rapidly changing global scenarios and instil the best of management practices in their students. By teaming up with the Talentedge team, IIM Kashipur has spread its wings far beyond the reach of traditional institutes and has become the symbol of open and free learning for all. This unique and brilliant model of imparting education will add to the reputation of the Institute amongst its learners while also opening new avenues for recognition of IIM Kashipur in professional circles as well as on a global scale.

Noted Quote(s)

  1. Speaking at the launch, Aditya Malik, CEO and MD, Talentedge added “Machine learning is the definitive future of education in India. It is with this forethought that we launch SLIQ 2.0 for the benefit of our learners and mentors alike. We hope that this innovation of ours using Artificial Intelligence will enable truly customized education & real-time problem solving capabilities. It will only help the platform improve and learn faster about user preferences, but it will also guarantee users satisfactory service while learning on the platform. We are very eager and excited about the launch of this path-breaking product and hope garners a positive response from our users.”
  2. Professor Gautam Sinha, Founder Director of IIM Kashipur, “Innovation like SLIQ2.0 takes education to a new level in the country, should help us in taking quality education from IIM Kashipur to a wider audience across the nation. Understanding our students, online classroom patterns and being able to enhance their learning through futuristic tech integrating AI is a path breaking step from our partner, Talentedge.”
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