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Posted on Sep 12 2016 - 7:00am by Editorial Staff


There are easy ways for every real estate agent to improve their reputation on the web. First of all, let’s break it down to the meaning of it. Getting down to the true core, what is an online reputation? An online reputation is basically what comes up in search engines when a regular visitor punches in the url or key phrase that will lead to the url of a real estate agent. The online reputation consist of a great website, reviews surrounding the realtor, possible press releases of current success in sales, and social media account followings. All of these things listed above make a great impact on the reputation of a real estate agent. A relator with a great reputation will often get more sales and leads through their website. The reason being is primarily because he or she will gain a trust level by a good reputation. At Niteskape, we have come up with the top 3 ways an agent can increase is rep on the web!

Top 3 Ways

Social Media. Active social media users will get more followers! Real Estate agents may share on social media things that may inspire them, new home listings, or even knowledge of what they know. The more followers and connections, the more satisfaction and knowing that you are doing something right.

Google Business Profile. Some real estate agents may form groups within their brokerage. Listing the group in a Google business profile and on Google maps is always a plus for some extra exposure.

Web Design. A great web design gives a great first impression to a first time visitor and possible buyer.

These top 3 ways are provided by Niteskape a real estate website design company that specializes in web, graphic design, and SEO. Use these 3 ways to improve your reputation on the web as a realtor!

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