How To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Posted on Mar 8 2018 - 7:43am by Editorial Staff

Spending quality time with your kids is priceless and rewarding across so many levels for both yourself your kids. Spending quality time with your kids needs to be a primary focus in your life if you’re going to foster healthy relationships and loving bonds between yourself and your family. In this day and agehowever, spending time doing the activities you love can be a challenge, as work hours and deadlines can impact on how much quality time you get to spend with your kids. In this case, it’s crucial to take full advantage of time off from work to give your kids your full and undivided attention. In other instances, you will need to be clever in how you spend time with your kids, so getting them involved and interested in everyday tasks could benefit everyone involved. You children will appreciate the quality time you spend with them and you’ll be creating long term and happy memories shared with your family.


You can create handmade thankyou cards for family members after holidays and birthdays using card, glue, and a little know-how. Crafting can also incorporate teaching your kids to look after their clothes and possessions as you help show them how to mend their clothes if ripped or torn. Kids will continue to love being active and playing about outside and for as long as they continue growing in quick growth spurts, so be aware that you’ll be patching up and replacing their clothes regularly. If patching up your kid’s clothes is something you can enjoy together, then you’ll be spending, probably, a fair few hours with them. To keep your kids engaged in this practice, you could consider adding a new fun element to the design of their clothes. You could think about using clothing patches and badges to individualize their clothes and belongings.Patches4Less custom name patches and could be all you need to add an exciting element to your kids clothes. This should encourage them to want to preserve their clothes, and discourage them from climbing trees and getting scruffy.


Think about it before you dismiss this practice, as knitting can be fun and you’ll be encouraging your kid’s creativity and nurturing any artistic flair they may have. Knitting is a calm and inexpensive way of engaging your kids, and you can create items that you and your kids can be proud of and display in your home. If you already know how to knit, then consider teaching your children how to. You could even encourage some healthy rivalry amongst your kids once they become more able to make pieces. Creating their own pieces will help to get your kids believing in their abilities, and you’ll be well prepared for winter with a box full of some started, and some finished, woolen scarves.

Help Them With Their Homework

Homework looks set to last for eternity, as your kids will tell you, so get involved and help them out where they need it. Help your kids with their homework, and help them solve equations quickly and simply so that you can get around to spending time engaged in another things such as sports together outside. If you can impart useful wisdom and help your kids come to a clearer understanding of something, then you’ll be in a better position to help them progress educationally. Once they’ve mastered one part on the syllabus, then they can move on to other topics. Getting your kids interested in learning and achieving is hugely important, so start early and engage them in ways that they’ll find interesting and fun.

Day Out Activities

You can spend quality time with your children both inside and outside of the house, so think about getting outside and taking your children on a fun day out with plenty of activity, learning, and new sights. Ask your kids what they’d like to do at the weekend, and you won’t be short of ideas and suggestions. You can book tickets for days out at theme parks, for example, or play sport together, or see a theater production or to the cinema with the promise of a meal and some time talking around the table together. By getting out of the house, you’ll be learning how your child engages with the world around them, as well as with other children. Days out together, providing they’re well planned and go smoothly, can help you to make memories that you will all be able to look back upon and enjoy.

Read To Them

Reading to your young kids allows you to spend time with them as they’re settling down for bed. This is the perfect time to sit quietly and spend some quality time together calmly cuddling and embracing your child. Reading to them allows their creative minds to flourish as you’re narrating tales of dragons and knights and space, for example. Your kid’s creative minds need to be nurtured, and reading tales to them allows just this, so make sure that you can spend some time reading to your kids. You should be reading to them even if just for the duration of a short nursery book.

Growing Vegetables In The Garden

The garden is a space for both yourself and your kids to enjoy. If you want to spend quality time with your kids and help them learn simultaneously, then consider creating an area in the garden solely for the purpose of getting them growing their own plants and vegetables. By doing this, you’re helping to inspire them to get interested in the foods on their plates and the importance of having a healthy diet. Give your kids their own plots of land to grow whatever they wish and help them bring what they grow from outside and into the kitchen and into their mouths. By doing this, you’ll be able to spend quality time with your kids showing them how to prepare and cook in the kitchen.

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