How To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle This Winter

Posted on Oct 21 2020 - 9:28am by Editorial Staff

With the colder months well and truly on their way and Christmas just around the corner, many millions of people are destined to spend more time indoors and more time eating and drinking this winter. Indeed, because of the looming cold and the feast days of Thanksgiving and Christmas, winter is often regarded as an unhealthy part of the year — a time where we indulge instead of keeping fit and healthy.

To fight off this instinct to wrap yourself in a duvet, investing instead in your health and well-being, here are some tips to help you thrive this winter.

Daily Exercise

Exercising is one of the best ways to maintain good mental and physical health. Even a daily walk will provide your body with a little shot of endorphins, a mental health boost, and a fitter body. But, if you can, you should set higher ambitions for your winter exercise regime. Consider some of the following forms of exercise this winter:

  • Using online workout videos that you can follow on a video link from home. It means keeping cosy while keeping fit.
  • Investing in winter running or cycling gear to make your outdoors exercise a little toastier in the coolest months.
  • Buying a wetsuit for swimming outdoors, either in the sea, or in local lakes.
  • Using your local gym and buying a membership to their facilities to have access to the full range of exercise machines to keep your whole body fit.
  • Signing up to fitness classes and groups, either taken outside or in a hall or studio to exercise with friends or family in groups.

With plenty of options for your exercise regime this winter, there’s no excuse not to push yourself to create a better daily workout routine for the end of 2020.

Diet and Drinking

We all know the impact that overeating and excessive alcohol consumption can have on the body. We’ve been taught to eat healthily and to limit our drinking for years, and food is ordinarily labeled to show you how it will impact your body and your diet goals. As winter rolls in, here are some ways to eat and drink better during these coming cold months:

  • Try a vegetarian or vegan diet with healthy vegetables, beans, pulses, and legumes to replace greasy and oily meat.
  • Reduce your drinking to social occasions, and don’t drink habitually in the evenings. This adds plenty of calories to your diet.
  • Track the calories that you eat each day and ensure that you’re keeping within the recommended amount for your age, height, and gender.
  • Use fitness trackers, like the FitBit, to help you see how many calories you’ve burned and how many you therefore need to replace each day.

Health and well-being are strongly associated with what you eat and how much alcohol you drink, so be sure to monitor both to lead the healthiest lifestyle this winter.

Using Alternative Health Products

There are literally thousands of different health products on the market today. Some, like traditional medicines and medications, are provided for a specific purpose: aspirin for headaches, for instance. But others, like CBD or hemp oil, have multiple benefits for your health and can be taken daily to boost everything from your mental health to the health of your skin.

By investing in quality CBD products, you’ll be purchasing an alternative medicine that has already helped millions of people maintain good health. You can research the benefits of CBD oil online to see what this alternative medicine can bring to your life. Meanwhile, look to alternative remedy stores online, and in your local town or city, in order to get the very best alternative medicines for your health this winter.

Mental Health

The past two decades have been a huge watershed period in terms of talking about mental health. Young people today are benefiting from the increased debate and discussion around mental health, simultaneously getting to know how they can best deal with anxiety and depression over the long term. Here are some tips this winter:

  • Get outside when you can: even a short burst of sunlight and a short walk in nature can have significant mental health benefits.
  • Practice self-care, including meditation when things feel like they’re getting on top of you.
  • Consider taking medication for your anxiety or depression or talking with your doctor about getting therapy, much of which is available online.

Your mental health is incredibly important for your lifestyle and your overall happiness and well-being and should feature prominently in your winter plans for good health. Use all these tips at once to keep yourself in tip-top condition this coming winter.

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