5 Upcoming Home Theater Software Choices For PC

Posted on Oct 5 2020 - 8:33am by Editorial Staff

Upcoming home theater software providers now offer many choices for PC use. While most people have gotten used to steaming services like Network and Hulu on their smart TVs, there is a growing trend of home theater software made for PCs. These upcoming software offer open source and paid platforms for entertainment streaming options. You can stream all of your media, photos, films, TV and music from a central hub. Fortunately, there are several media center apps to turn your computer into an at-home cinema or movie server. As a movie lover, you have several popular PC platforms at your fingertips to start enjoying, storing, and managing content. Read on to discover the most popular upcoming home theater software choices for PC.


Kodi is one of the latest free home cinema software systems you can install on your PC to stream content. With this open source media player, you can play most videos, movies, podcasts, music, and other digital media files. Indeed, Kodi accesses most of its content from local and network storage media as well as the web. This allows you to view more media than you can with typical streaming TV, movies device services. For instance, you can install a PVR addon to watch and record television shows. To stream a wider range of digital content, consider downloading Kodi to your PC computer.


Next, Plex’s user-friendly functionality makes it one of the most widely used media centers for PC. Similar to Kodi, this platform allows you to organize and store your digital media files. Easily use this platform to organize your database of movies and TV shows. In addition, you can even set up separate media directories. In this way, you can sort your favorite shows, movies, music, and photos into different libraries. By pulling metadata from the computer network, Plex supplies your libraries with appropriate artwork and information. Certainly, this makes it easier for you to browse and access various media within the system. Plex’s simple intuitive interface makes it a popular choice for PC home theater software.


In addition, Emby is a great home cinema option to manage users’ accessibility. For instance, there are child monitoring settings to grant or deny digital media access. On the other hand, you can give your shared Emby users the ability to request content themselves. To do this, you need to integrate your cinema software with the Ombi application. Once installed, this self-hosted web application links to multiple TV show and DVR tools to streamline content retrieval. This is a great way to share content with multiple users on a single platform. With the right setup, Emby increases accessibility control and streamlines usability.

Media Monkey

Media Monkey is another optimal home theater software choice for your Windows PC operating system. This is an essential option to help you watch your movies, TV, sports, and weather. You can seamlessly import your playlists and selections from your Windows Media Player app. Then, you can customize, organize, and share your content. Optimally, you should use Media Monkey for Windows 7, 8, or 10 devices. On these systems, you can stream content in over 15 languages without slowing down your computer. If you enjoy international movies, this would be a perfect streaming platform. Media Monkey is a great PC home theater software choice if you are looking for a media center optimized for Windows systems.

JRiver Media Center

Furthermore, JRiver Media Center is another home theater software option to for your home theater. This particular jukebox-style media center comes with a 10-foot interface optimized theater view. Thus, if you wanted, you could bring your PC watching experience to your HDTV. Additionally, it supports many advanced codecs to bring you high-quality audio for TV viewers. It also has Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube services integrated. These integrations give you flebility between watching on your PC and the big screen. Overall, JRiver Media Center is an exceptional choice to enhance your home movie-watching experience. There are upcoming home theater software choices for PC. Once equipped, these powerful software solutions can For instance, Kodi is one free open source media center application to access a wide range of digital content. Plex is another option rising in popularity for its user-friendly functionality. Moreover, Emby is a superior home theater software choice to manage user accessibility. In addition, Media Monkey is optimized for Windows PC systems. Furthermore, JRiver Media Center enhances your overall movie-watching experience at home. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about the most popular upcoming home theater software choices for PC.

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