How To Be The Best Boss

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 8:35am by Alexandra Ashton


If you are a boss or a manager in a company, it is your job to ensure your employees are happy to go to work every day. It takes more than a good salary for an employee to be happy with workplace. Motivated employees will do wonders for your company. Not only they will try even harder to do a great job but they will also influence other employees to do better. One of the best advertising tools is happy employees. If they are happy with their workplace, they will tell positive thing about it to everyone willing to listen. When you are leading a successful business it is easy to forget about your employees. Did you know that 63% of employees said their manager directly affected their happiness at work?  You need to pay attention to them as individuals and not as a group of people working for you. Your employees will work a lot better if you take time to notice their effort and hard work. Offer them constructive feedback. This way they will know you notice them and they will try to improve their job performance.

Give your employees chance to prove themselves by giving them a lead on project. By doing this, you will show them you are aware that they are doing a good job which will make them more productive. By increasing accountability for those projects your employees will take more pride in their work. Employees who see the results of their work tend to perform better. One of the tasks of a good boss is increasing the team morale. If you treat your employees with respect and courtesy, they will respect you back. Organising team events will not only boost morale of your employees but also bring staff closer together. Read this infographic and find out how to be the best boss.



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