What Can You Get For Your Mortgage Globally?

Posted on Oct 20 2014 - 8:38am by Alexandra Ashton

What can you get for your mortgage globally Main

It is difficult to come to a decision to search for your own apartment or house. You are ready to leave the safety of your parents’ house or your rented apartment, but what now? You will have to go through many steps until you get to own your property. After you get the money needed to buy a house, you will need to prepare for even more difficult part of buying house. That is to choose the perfect house. Surely you have already decided how your future house will look like, how many bedrooms it will have and on which location it will be located. There are a lot of decisions that you need to make, one of which is do you want to stay in UK or do you want to move abroad. Read this interesting infographic to find out what can you get for your £254,000 mortgage in UK and overseas.

For the price under £254,000 there were 21 properties for sale in Edinburgh in June 2014. These properties ranged from 2 bedrooms first – floor flats to 4-bed semi – detached bungalows. If you want to move to New York and live in an exclusive Manhattan neighbourhood, for that price you can get one bedroom apartment. This large and stylish apartment also comes with a rare private garden. You could get used to a high life, right? If you want to stay in USA but in a larger house, you may want to see this 6-bed mansion in a purpose – built lakefront community located in Orange County in Florida. If you ever dreamed of living in Australia, this studio flat in Sydney comes with access to the on-site gym. For quieter life try this one bedroom apartment in Perth which comes with its own parking space and shared facilities, including swimming pool, spa and BBQ area. Good luck picking the favourite one.

What can you get for your mortgage globally

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