How Any Business Can Profit From Text Message Marketing

Posted on Mar 25 2015 - 7:02am by Kimberley Laws


What springs to mind when you think of text message marketing? Does it sound like a mass of high-tech confusion shrouded in mystery? Do you want to adopt a 1970s TV commercial voice and spout something along the lines of “Silly Marketer. Text Messages are for kids.” Or, is it something that sparks your interest, perhaps, so much so that you’re considering adding it to your company’s marketing mix?

If text message marketing piques your curiosity, you are on the right track–and, if it doesn’t, it should. Boasting a vast array of benefits, this method of keeping in touch with potential customers can significantly increase business and elevate your profits.

Still unconvinced? Perhaps this will change your mind.


Text Message Marketing sounds important, doesn’t it? Surely, with a name like that, it must be an expensive practice, right? Wrong. The alternatives are expensive. If you’ve ever priced a newspaper spread, a yellow-pages listing, or, heaven forbid, a television advertising slot, you will be blown away by how cheap text message marketing can be. “3 Ways Your Small Business can Benefit from Text Message Marketing” offers that many providers can target your customers in this manner for just a few pennies–enabling you to text 1000 potential customers for less than the cost of just one large print advertisement in one major newspaper.


You may be scratching your head and thinking, “a newspaper ad will reach way more than 1000 people”–and this is true. But you are missing one very important facet of text message marketing. The 1000 people that receive your messages have actually asked to receive them. Yes, these messages will not be missed, ignored, or greeted with annoyance. The only way someone can receive your text messages is by opting in and granting you permission to send them deals and notices in the first place. In fact, as “Group Texting Etiquette for Business” warns, this is not only a golden rule that must be observed, but it is the law.


Snail mail crawls at a sluggish pace. E-mails get deleted with nary a glance. And the only thing more annoying than a telemarketer is poison ivy on your left testicle. But when your Smartphone whistles to say you’ve got a message, it feels a little like it’s Christmas morning and you’re about to open a present.

Yes, text messages are not only quick to send, but they are received instantly and opened in an extremely timely manner. And, as experts seem to agree, 95 percent of text messages are opened, while only a quarter of e-mails enjoy the same fate.

Exclusive…In a Good Way

Signing up to receive your text messages is easy and everyone is welcome to do so, so in this way you are operating an “inclusive” marketing campaign. But only members–those who have actually bothered to opt in–will be rewarded with receiving “members only” exclusive deals. In effect, by establishing a list of text messaging contacts, you have created a group of preferred customers who are privy to offers, promotions, and upcoming events that the general public are not. And, this makes your customers feel special and appreciated.


Smartphones are becoming increasingly interactive–and, as a result, so are text messages. As Business News Daily states, offering up a toll-free SMS replay option, encouraging your audience to participate in a questionnaire or poll, or including a link to an entertaining video or image will make your messages more fun and engaging. And your future communications will be greatly anticipated.


Another benefit of text message marketing is that it revolves around brevity. No lengthy content, flowery language, or fabulous photos required. Simply state the purpose of the message and what action is required on the part of the customer in clear and concise prose. This saves both you and your customer valuable time and effort.

As you can see, text message marketing is not high tech, nor is it mysterious. In fact, it is one of the most straightforward and pure forms of marketing out there. Nor is text messaging solely the domain of youth. Adults, young and old, are adopting Smartphones and mastering the art of texting at a staggering pace.

Text message marketing can be a huge boon to your business, your brand’s reputation, and your bottom line. And that’s worth looking into.

What companies do you enjoy receiving text messages from? Why?

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