Is Your Workplace As Safe As It Could Be?

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Safety in the workplace is a big issue. While at work, the health and safety of the employees is the sole responsibility of the business. If you’re a business owner, it’s vital that you have one eye open for the safety of your workers.

Not only is this common courtesy, it’s also a legal requirement. All employees must feel safe and comfortable in their jobs. That allows them to work with peace of mind. It will also help you avoid any personal injury claims or lawsuits. I think we can all agree that’s the last thing you want! Is your workplace as safe as it could be? Let’s take a look.

Hazard awareness – There are plenty of hazards in any workplace. Even if you work in a relatively safe-looking office. Of course, if you own a factory or a warehouse, this is even more important. All potential hazards should be identified and signposted. Preventative measures must always be taken into account as well. If you work with liquids, ensure you have spill kit safety products in place. If you work with machinery, make sure all workers have protective gloves.

Employee training and induction – Safety all starts with the workers themselves. They must be trained and made aware of the potential dangers. Again, this is particularly important if they will be operating machinery or handling chemicals. At their induction there should be a good understanding of fire safety procedures and a chain of command. This training should be ongoing to ensure that awareness is always maintained. This will help keep them trained and loyal.

Run drills – When it comes to safety, complacency can be a dangerous thing. After a long time without accidents of problems, employees can fall into a routine. It’s really important that they are regularly reminded of the safety procedures. You can do this by running semi regular drills. This can test their reaction to fire alarms, accidents in the factory or chemical leaks. This will, of course, be more important in laboratory spaces or warehouses. But, don’t neglect it in your run-of-the-mill office either.

Appoint safety leaders – It’s vital that employees understand the chain of command when it comes to safety. Hazards should be immediately reported and dealt with. When you appoint a specific safety leader, they will be the point-person for dealing with issues. They will be responsible, proactive and have good leadership qualities. They’ll lead people through the drills and be on hand to offer safety advice.

Bring in the pros – When you work in the same environment every day, you don’t always spot the hazards. Hazards become an everyday part of the office or warehouse. It’s worth bringing in a second perspective with expertise in safety. Safety auditors can help you tighten up your ship. They point out hazards you may not have noticed. They can bring you up to speed with the latest  techniques and training. Essentially, they’ll plug the holes in your safety procedures.

Safety is an essential part of your workplace considerations. Your employees need to feel safe and protected at work and confident to do their jobs. Is your workplace as safe as it could be?

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