How A Good YouTube Search Rankings Enhance Your Business?

Posted on Feb 20 2013 - 4:14pm by Editorial Staff


Google is not the only way to go to promote your business online. A good YouTube search ranking can have significant advantages for your business, including more awareness about your brand, more visitors to your site and even higher sales. Also, videos that are popular on YouTube also appear on the related Google search result page.

Here are a few tips to increase your YouTube internal search ranking:

  1. Optimize all the search fields by adding all the relevant data in your company’s content file. In particular, add your target search engine optimization keywords to your video title. Your description of the video should be interesting and informative. Try to include your keyword in your description too. Apart from you target keyword you can also use some phrases in the video tag that are also used by your competitors on the site. Remember not to go overboard with your keyword usage though.
  2. YouTube automatically transcribes your videos for the visually impaired viewers, which is also indexed by Google. These transcriptions are usually riddled with mistakes, so it is wise to hire a transcription service to create the file for you. This file should then be uploaded to the ‘Caption’ section of your video. This provides better information to both YouTube and Google and hence enhances your ranking on both sites.
  3. Another important factor to consider for increasing your ranking is the number of viewers your video gets and the length of time for which they are engaged. You can boost these metrics by sharing your video on social networking sites and also embedding them on your own website. You can also check your YouTube Analytics account to see how your videos are doing on both these scores and alter your videos accordingly.
  4. Finally, you have to get your viewers to interact with your videos. The metrics that play a role in the search ranking are the number of thumbs up versus thumbs down that your video gets the number of comments, shares, subscribers, etc. A good way to increase this is to add a call-to-action request at the end as a spoken message or caption. Alternatively you can add this at the end of your description.
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