How To Avoid Web Security Mistakes

Posted on Feb 20 2013 - 12:14pm by Editorial Staff

Securing data online can be a very impeding task and for those of you who haven’t already taken the necessary measures to secure their online data here’s a quick tip about things to avoid so that you can stay hacker proof.

1. Never give your complete identity on Social networking sites

People very often get too lenient with personal details, and on many occasions spill out a lot of information about themselves which may seem very harmless to an average person, but is vital information for a hacker or a cyber-thief. Although it may sound a little paranoid, but it is best to keep stuff like, full name, age, address etc. away from social media or any online community.

It is also best to avoid uploading images that contain your car license plate or your street name or house number etc.

2. Don’t take data protection lightly

In today’s technology driven age, where everything is online, right from booking tickets to ordering food, the significance and worth of data cannot be undermined. So putting it simply, data has value; and protecting that valuable data is a very important and cannot be underestimated.

People tend to give little thought when it comes to setting their passwords, and many a times it is the same as their user name, or the same standard password for important every site. This is making life simpler for cyber criminals. Each important site must have a different user name and a unique password to go with it. Besides that it is also safe to have your valuable files on your computer encrypted.

3. Don’t ignore a software update

This is something almost all of us ignore- software updates. The fact of the matter is, that computer and mobile software are constantly being upgraded, hence making older version out-dated. Programmers and developers constantly find flaws and loopholes in software, and release a better, updated version for users to download. Downloading these newer versions is one of the easiest ways to stay secured and protected.

So do consider turning the auto-update button on, on your system. And the next time your gadget intimates you about a software update, don’t ignore it!

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