HELPI Helps You Find Cleaner For Your Domestic Needs

Posted on Feb 10 2016 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff


Your extended family is coming to meet you in the evening and you have planned this elaborate dinner. But that leaves the house in a mess and needs urgent cleaning. You just don’t need help, you need HELPI, a simple cleaning service that takes care of your cleaning needs. Booking a HELPI service is hassle free and can be done in a few seconds. After your booking, professional crew will arrive at your booked location with all the supplies needed to clean the house.

Whether it is a house you have just moved into or needs cleaning after the previous nights party, HELPI can help you get the house rid of stains and leave it spick and span in a matter of hours. Standard cleaning rates of Rs. 149 an hour makes billing easy and transparent and allows you to always control your costs of cleaning. Whenever it’s cleaning, just call for HELPI.

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