Hackers Target Russian Politician Vladimir Putin’s Vote-Monitoring System

Posted on Feb 18 2012 - 4:01pm by Editorial Staff

According to Reuters, the bulk web cameras which Russian politician Vladimir Putin have ordered to allay fears of vote-rigging have been attacked by Hackers who actually are trying to crash them up – as the voting began in the most of the part of Russia for sailors and reindeer herders, Putin inspected the first two cameras in a polling station on the www.webvybory2012.ru website.

Deputy Communications Minister Ilya Massukh stated, “The system, operated by state-controlled Rostelecom, had already fallen victim to regular distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDOS) originating in Russia.” Adding, “We are launching this site ahead of time in order to understand the nature of the threats.”

Putin added, “The most important thing is that the gear does not get swiped. There have been such incidents already,” who has faced mass protests in recent weeks at which Russians have called on him to step down.

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