Israel’s Largest Bank ‘Bank Hapoalim’ Comes Under Cyberattack, Iranian Hackers Believe To Be Behind The Attack

Posted on Feb 19 2012 - 11:47am by Editorial Staff

According to Israeli technology blog, NewsGeek, Israel’s largest bank “Bank Hapoalim” comes under cyberattack – there is no news regarding who had taken the credits for the attack – but the fingers have been pointed at Iranian hackers – Israel and Saudi hackers attacks continuing to take place since from a lot of time, it has been believed that Iranian hackers been involved in the latest attack.

NewsGeek’s Editor In Chief, Yaniv Feldman believes the attack is most like in retaliation for the Stuxnet attack – the one which may have infected at most 16,000 computers in Iran – Since from the last month, Israeli and Saudi hackers have keep on blowing the country with number of cyberattacks – revealing 400,000 Israeli credit cards detailstargeting Facebook users – attacking UAE stock exchange and Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange websites.

 “Our sources confirm that Bank Hapoalim wasn’t the first victim of this so-called Iranian worm. Several other public institutions have already been infected as far as late last week, and at this point, it seems that this is a part of a wider operation against Israeli and other online western targets.”

“After the infection, the worm tries to communicate with remote servers, traced back to Canada, and if successful, tries to send internally collected information back to those servers. Careful investigation of those servers shows they are registered under Iranian DNS servers.

The publication further reveals that the attack began with a spear fishing email sent to the bank’s employee which contains a PowerPoint file – as soon as the infected file opens – it start spreading all around inside the bank’s network

According to other publication Aarutz Sheva, “It was an attempt to infiltrate the bank’s personal computers,” the Bank Hapoalim source said. “As a result, our information threat level was increased. But I must emphasize that the hackers failed to penetrate our sensitive systems.”

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