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If you are looking to experience the wildest trip to the stunning country of Australia this holiday season 2013, a campervan drive from Darwin to Broome is the ultimate choice. Stretching across the northwest edge of this wonderful country, this road trip takes you to one of the most lasting and untouched wilderness on the earth.

This travel itinerary makes you explore the landmass where the areas are bigger than Ireland with no existence of human inhabitation; it is a place where farmers sacrifice a number of cattle throughout the year to wild crocodiles and many communities are completely isolated from the major cities of the country during heavy rainfall season.

The northerly peak of the country, which is called the top end by the locals, is word-famous for its diverse characters – real ‘Ozzie battlers’ who arrive in the northernmost part to earn money and then never returned back to south. And to your great surprise, these are the people to whom a barricade badly torn by a wild buffalo and a head-height flood are as normal as a traffic jam scenes to us.

This campervan drive that begins from the north coast, from Darwin, and stops in the west, in Broome, is a historical ride that will make you step back in the enchanting past of the country. Following are some major highlight of this once-in-a-life-time kind of road trip.

Kakadu National Park (245 km)

This largest national park of the country offers the most breathtaking views from top of Ubirr rock. Since the moment when the humans enter the country for the first time to next 60,000 years, those people used to gather at this rock during heavy rainfall season. When viewed from this aboriginal shelter point, the rugged stretch of the Arnhem plateau is fairly distinguished against the blue sky.

Bullo River Station (1000 km)

Located southwest of Kakadu National Park, Bullo River Station is surrounded by brown hued waters of the Victoria River and craggy hills embellished with aboriginal rock art. In the late 19th century, the first farmers enter this territory of East Kimberely, which is 999 km away from the Queensland state of Australia.

Upon arrival, you will find a great variety of fauna species including wild buffalo, wallabies, dingoes and a large number of local and exotic bird species.  You will also get a chance to watch omnipresent crocodile. However, the major highlight of this destination is the heli-camping excursion, designed mainly for adventure travelers. The landscapes are jaw-dropping and this campervan drive will make you return home with a whole bunch of unforgettable memories.

Gibb River Road (1250 km)

Far-off from Bullo is the Gibb River Road, which is the only stretch of land that passes through the center if the Kimberley region. This road trip will make you experience the ultimate wilderness of the northwest tip of the country.

Broome (2280 km)

With its long stretches inhabiting a wide array of houses with verandas, flags waving briskly in the cool sea breeze, leisurely walkers and a herd of bicycle riders, this beautiful road drive to Broome will leave you with many lifetime memorable experiences.

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