How To Find And Work With Good Suppliers

Posted on Sep 18 2017 - 9:04pm by Editorial Staff

Suppliers are essential to any company, whether you are making goods or providing a service, your suppliers are what keep you in business. There are many options of suppliers in the marketplace, and finding the one that works best for you can take time and effort. However, your company depends on you finding the right supplier because if you don’t, it can cause delays and missed orders for you. Here are some ideas on how to find a great supplier for your business.

Who are Suppliers?

When you think about suppliers, you are talking about companies that make products or provide services for other companies. In general, you can divide suppliers into three categories. First are the manufacturers, who typically have a sales person or representative that handles their products;second,are the distributors who collect products from companies to sell to wholesale retailers; and the final group are independent craftspeople who make their own products, you can usually find them at trade shows or events. You will note that from between the first and last category, the number of available units from each supplier decreases down the list, and typically, the price increases. You need to consider from which supplier group your product comes from in terms of the units you require, and the cost you are prepared to pay.

Where Can You Find Suppliers?

If you are looking for new companies to supply your company, then many trade magazines will carry advertisements from suppliers related to your business. You can also check out local companies through internet searches or local newspapers.

What Makes a Great Supplier?

Many companies might think that the most important thing when choosing a supplier is the price. However, one of the most important traits you want in a supplier is reliability. If they can get you what you want all the time, and get it to you when you need it, then they are a good supplier. Companies such as are customer focused and provide full details on their website of the stock they have in, when you can take delivery and they provide tracking capabilities for your order. Communication is key to having a successful relationship with a supplier.

Renegotiating Your Existing Deals

If you need to cut costs and find suppliers with lower prices, then why not first speak to your existing suppliers? They may be able to help or offer a solution that will work for you. You needto be respectful when you enter negotiations with existing suppliers. It is especially important if your current suppliers are reliable and offer good quality. They are, after all, trying to make money just like your company, so you need to be aware of that. It could be that rather than lowering their prices, your suppliers can offer other ways to improve their contract. It could be that they will supply more items for the same price, or that they will supply items quicker than they have previously.

Finding the right supplier is vital to the growth and success of your company, so you need to make the right choice.

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