3 Business Ideas For The Budding Entrepreneur

Posted on Sep 20 2017 - 9:55am by Editorial Staff

So you have the guts to dream up a business venture. You have the capital to invest, maybe even some real estate to convert into profit. You have work experience, but not experience with business. What you need is a solid idea –a seed to grow into a plan of action, your very own money tree.

While there are no reliable get-rich-quick schemes, and every business comes with an element of risk, some ventures are a bit more promising than others, and easier on new players in the entrepreneurial game. Here are a handful of businesses that just might be your winning enterprise:


The humble laundromat is a time-tested venture, that recent years have proven to be more profitable than once thought.

For starters, the fact that washing machines are a staple for most households, and a critical part of businesses like hotels means that you’re guaranteed two things: (1) dependable, durable equipment and (2) a reliable manufacturer like Continental Girbau to call when things go wrong with your units. These machines are built to last, and are fairly commonplace, meaning parts are easy to replace.

You can also expect a fairly steady stream of customers depending on your location: setting up near a college campus or apartment complex would be optimal, and might ensure you see fairly regular business. After all, everyone needs their laundry done at some point, but not everyone has laundromat equipment of their own.

Graffiti Removal

One need everybody encounters but few pay much mind to is graffiti removal. It’s been reported that these common eyesores cost local government hundreds of thousands to remove each year, and until spray paint is outlawed, it’s a demand that doesn’t seem to be diminishing any time soon.

All it takes to get up and running is a vehicle large enough to transport your equipment, and the equipment itself: a pressure washer which can cost anywhere from $100 to $1000. After that, it’s a simple matter to learn the skill of using the washer –or hiring someone to use it for you, though this would naturally add to your costs. After that, it’s a simple matter of contacting property owners, or even your local government administrators and built a nice portfolio of before and after shots for when you decide to go for traditional marketing.

Escape Room

If your biggest problem is having too many creative ideas, you might want to consider opening up an escape room. The concept is simple: you lock participants in a room dressed to fit a theme, fill it with clues and puzzles that lead to even more clues and puzzles, which ultimately lead to the (literal) key to their escape.

In terms of execution, you’d need the real estate, a boatload of props, and a creative mind. The task might seem daunting, but it’s definitely a business that’ll provide you with days of entertainment from simply watching your players have at it. Your chances of success remain high even if your area has a successful escape room joint already established –just think of it as expanding the options for your shared clientele.

Mull over these options and see if any of these businesses interest you. The most important thing is recognizing that whichever venture you choose, it’s one that would ideally contribute something positive to your area; go for the choice that gives you a real sense of pride, and the profits will follow.

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