FBI Preparing For The Worst In Advance, Wants To Spider Social Media Networks

Posted on Jan 27 2012 - 7:50am by Editorial Staff

According to a job posting on the Federal Business Opportunities website, the FBI is gearing up to create a tool that will crawl social media site including Facebook, Twitter and others so as to prepare for the worst – emergencies before they actually happen. The application should be able to spider through public content posted on social networks across the web.

“The purpose of this effort is to meet the outlined objectives…for the enhancement [of] FBI SOIC’s overall situation awareness and improved strategic decision making,” the Request for Information [PDF] said. “The application must be infinitely flexible and have the ability to adapt quickly to changing threats to maintain the strategic and tactical advantage.”

The tool should be intelligent enough to pick out certain keywords and phrases that will indicate a certain event is taking place. The tool would be used in National Special Security Events (NSS) planning, NSSE operations, SOIC operations, surveillance and reconnaissance missions, counter intelligence, and much more.

(Image Source: FBI logo, Social Media)

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