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Religion is a complex thing that many people accept in different ways. There are some who choose to live an intensely religious life with strong beliefs. But there are others who don’t feel connected to any religion or believe in the existence of God. These people are known as Atheists. You might want to become an atheist for a number of different reasons, and it could be difficult for you to share this news if your family is religious. Use some of the suggestions in this guide to help you share your atheism in the best way possible.

Find a confidante

If your parents are heavily religious, it can be difficult for them to understand why you want to become an atheist. Before telling your family, it might be wise to get some advice and talk it through with a trustworthy friend, colleague or relative. Having this outlet will give you the chance to air your concerns and determine which is the best way to tell your family your news.

You can also get some guidance from other Atheist by joining an online group such as Deily Atheism. There you can become a part of a community of like-minded people who can offer you support and advice through forums and messaging. There are many people who struggle to accept religion so don’t feel like you are alone. There is support and help out there you just need to seek it out.

Be open

Once you come out as an Atheist, you will find many people want to ask you about your views. Your friends and family will want to know the reasoning behind your decisions. So it’s best that you give them a thorough and well thought out answer. Research all aspects of atheism and determine whether you fully agree or just partially agree with what it entails. People are less likely to take you seriously if you cannot give them an answer. They may feel you are going through a phase rather than making a life changing decision.

Handle confrontations calmly

It’s best to prepare yourself for confrontations after you share your news. Many people will accept your atheism, but others may find it confusing. This confusion could cause them to lash out and argue with you about your views. You may even find yourself being discriminated at work or forced out of your home, so you need to be ready for any possibility. This is why it is essential that you become an atheist for the right reason and don’t do it on impulse. If you find yourself in a confrontation, try to remain calm and diffuse the situation by walking away or changing the subject if you can. If you can sense tension at work speak to your manager or team leader about the issue before it gets worse. Again, talk to the online atheist community or a close friend to receive support if you need it.

Using these tips will help you share your atheism in a positive way and help those closest to you come to terms with your decision. Just be sure this is the best decision for you before sharing it with the world.

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