Some Tips To Using Astrology In Everyday Life

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The study of the stars is as ancient as math – and it’s based entirely in science. According to, astrology and astronomy were intertwined for 2,000 years. Although the Babylonians began the tradition, Vedic astrology is the only practice that held strong for millennia.

Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotisha, is an auspicious tool for auguring the events in one’s life. Although often it may seem like life is a chaotic mess with little rhyme and less reason, there is in fact a pattern in our life – an invisible pattern that weaves itself through the events we experience every single day, written in the stars. It may not be plain, and it may not be specific – but while Vedic astrology doesn’t qualify as a chronicle of life, it does serve as a spiritual guide applicable to any Hindu.

You don’t have to study the Vedas for years and become familiar with every aspect of Jyotisha to figure out some of the basics of utilizing the heavenly tools the stars provide us with in your everyday life. As an example, take relationships.

Some Relationship Tips, Courtesy of Jyotisha

The bonds and compatibilities between two human beings are some of the most intricate and useful factors to determine through Vedic astrology. Knowing whether or not a relationship will succeed or fall into awry is important in going through life – after all, despite the importance that our careers and social lives may carry, ultimately, our happiness depends upon finding the right person to be with.

In determining who that person is, you have to compare your astrological charts to determine what your future will be with a potential match. To test the success or failure of your relationship, it’s important to seek certain afflictions, to determine if they exist between two people – one example is the Kuja Dosha affliction, which according to the Dirah Academy, is a common factor of strife between relationships. The Kuja Dosha is caused by the positions Mars has on a chart. Since Mars is a malefic sign, it can disrupt the houses related to love and relationships – specifically:

  • The Seventh House (Marriage)
  • The Second House (Family)
  • The Fourth House (Home Environment)
  • The Marital Tie (Eighth House)
  • The Twelfth House (Sexual Pleasure).

 Finding the Kuja Dosha on your astrological chart can be problematic – but not ultimately threatening.

 Why Finding Your Ascendant Is Important

Your first Lagna, or Ascendant, is one of the most important aspects to determining your life’s events through Jyotisha. It gives you clues to the nature of your body and self, and carries vitally important information about how to go through your life.

Your Ascendant is calculated through your birthdate, time, and location. Usually, the Lagna is rising from the eastern horizon on the moment of your birth, and will determine how the stars will help you interpret your life from day one.

Choose Where to Get Your Horoscopes From

Horoscopes can be helpful, but they’re not a complete analysis of your charts. While you can pick up some essential astrology lessons online, it’s important to meet with an expert astrologer to confirm your findings.

Horoscopes can be helpful, however, in giving you an idea for the rest of the day. Astrology today is an important matter, and can be found detailed in many Indian publications, such as Divya Bhaskar.

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