Android Revenue Numbers: $278.1 Million In 2010 With Google Aims To Sell 10 Million Android Tablets In 2011, Grabbing 33 Percent Marketshare

Posted on Apr 26 2012 - 6:29am by Editorial Staff

The ongoing Google and Oracle trial bringing a lot of information about Android, stating how well the platform was doing back in 2010. Google forecast that it would double the number of phones to 40 million by year-end and make some $278.1 million in revenue from Android: $158.9 million on ads and just $3.8 million on app sales. The company forecast making $840.2 million from Android mobile ads in 2012 versus just $35.9 million on apps sales. In 2010 Android had just hit second place on Google’s mobile revenue charts, with a $120 million yearly run rate with iOS with a $281 million yearly run rate.

Google expected to sell some 10 million Android tablets a year in 2011 and 2012 and capture up to a third of the entire tablet market. It’s also notable that Google used a Morgan Stanley estimate that the entire tablet market would be 46 million units in 2012; Apple dominates the tablet market with over 67 million iPads sold thus far Google also expected Android tablets to contribute up to $110 million in search revenue in 2011 and $220m in 2012.

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