7 Reasons Why You Need To Invest In SEO

Posted on Nov 7 2017 - 2:30pm by Editorial Staff

This is a regular query from upcoming startups and settled companies alike. Today the startup world feels that the world of blogs is probably dead and that there is no point in investing in SEO. But this is one of the worst mistakes to make when you are taking your first baby steps in the world of business.

The online world is filled with content. And I mean swamped with a lot of content with even more being uploaded in every second that passes. So now in this huge and busy online world, how does one stand out? How does one make sure that they pop up on top of Google searches? The importance of visibility is highly under rated and probably the reason why a lot of companies are unable to generate market traction. A vast majority of the public does not go beyond two maybe three pages of Google search. And if your company’s website comes beyond that, it is really impossible to find your business online.

SEO is not dead and finding the affordable SEO service providers are not at all difficult! It is very much alive and kicking. Here are some of the main reasons on why you should implement it in your business!

Cost Effective and High Return on Investment

When compared to the traditional ways of marketing like print media and trade shows, this is relatively cost-effective and at the same time providing much better returns. This online tool is very cheap to set up and does not need much expertise either.

A determined IT guy from the team can easily grab the concepts of SEO and begin implementing it on your websites. You don’t need to hire another person just for this job. Expert help will be beneficial but with the right motivation, it is an easy skill to pick up.

Social Media Helps Considerably

This has been one of the biggest revolutions in the 21st century. Social media is a rising star and has helped millions of businesses to reach out and see the sun. Social media has helped improve the reach of the entrepreneur to its customers.

The millennial generation is actively present on social media, and uses it as a source for information and regular uploading of personal information. So now imagine if your business is able to target, your customer base specifically, would it not be useful for you? That is exactly what SEO helps you out with.

Increases Online Visibility

Let me tell you a fact about online searches. Businesses appearing in the first pages of Google search have 33% more engagement when compared to regular companies.

SEO is constantly helping out many businesses gain that traction and become widely famous in a shorter period of time. Being visible in the online space allows a new startup in attracting more new customers every day.

Increasing Mobile Searches!

It is a widely understood fact that, mobiles have taken over the world of desktops. Gone are the days of sitting behind a bulky computer. It is now the age of mobile phones where everything is just a click away. Due to relatively cheap internet services, it is very easy for people to simply just search online for the business they are interested in.

Now this is a major boost for local businesses. If a local business has a good SEO, it will be more visible in the local mobile searches, allowing for better customer acquiring rates.

Need of The Hour – Good Content!

Search engines like Google don’t promote websites that have any random content. To be more relevant to consumer searches and to have better visibility, it is important to have good content. Now that means your business website should have highly curated content which is regularly updated.

Content cannot be taken for granted when it comes to social media marketing, where only your content and presentation can attract customers. Video content is increasingly becoming the next form of attracting people on social media!

SEO Will Survive!

Regardless of what people will want you to believe, SEO is still out there. It is bringing more understanding among the people on their customized needs. It is helping in bringing the local to a global scale.

Content and social media marketing is not going anywhere, in fact they are only booming in the coming times. As long as that happens, betting on SEO will only help you in the long run.

Your Competition Is Beating You to it

It is ok to still not believe in the reasons that I have given above. It is totally fine for your business to not accept the importance of SEO. But a piece of advice to all the startups– burying the head in the ground will not solve your problem. Your competitors are regularly using SEO to boost their reach and evolving into something better.

It is necessary for you shed the ignorance and come aboard the world of SEO.

SEO is a critical online tool, which when used effectively will help in coming across new groups of customers for the business. It is a part of the future of every sustainable business venture.

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