5 Road Trips In Europe One Should Experience In His Lifetime

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You can travel by luxury coach or take a scenic train trip but the best way to explore the countless wonders of Europe has to be a road trip. With your significant other, or a group of friends, a road trip will give you the freedom to explore and experience the essence of the area while soaking up the sights and sounds.

There are so many breath-taking areas worth visiting but I have narrowed it down to my favourite 5 road trips in Europe that you simply have to experience in your lifetime. Get out that bucket list and start planning now.

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Cut into the cliffs on the Sorrentine Peninsula, not far from Naples, a narrow road will wind you through some of the most spectacular views imaginable. Medieval villages cling to the sheer rocks around the coastline, overlooking the aqua blue Tyrrhenian Sea. This Unesco World Heritage site is simply dazzling as you travel from Sorrento down to Salerno, taking in the rich history, art and dramatic views along the way.

Loire Valley, France

Another UNESCO world heritage site, this drive will take you through lush vineyards, historic towns and many beautiful chateaus.

Leaving from Paris you will see the stunning Amboise, Parc des Mini-Château, and the home of Leonardo da Vinci, Château de Clos Lucé. Don’t miss Madame Bigot’s 100-year-old patisserie on place du Château and enjoy a crisp glass of wine at Vouvray.

Continue to Sancerre and then lunch at the Côte des Monts Damnés in Chavignol  before moving on to the picturesque Château d’Ussé in Rigny-Ussé

That is just the beginning; there is still Chinon, not to be missed for a glass of red before the main Loire. You will still have plenty more to see and do on your road trip adventure in the Loire Valley.

Atlantic Road, Norway

This beautiful country road takes you through an archipelago in Eide and Avery in Mre og Romsdal, Norway and has to rate as one of the most memorable and mind-blowing road trips you can imagine. It includes eight awe-inspiring bridges that are sure to get your heart racing. The road is a marvel of modern engineering as it guides you along the edge of the ocean.

Ensure you use reputable vehicle rental services so that you are guaranteed a safe, pleasurable journey.

Take a slow, leisurely drive and stop often to appreciate the ever-changing scenery. You won’t be disappointed.

Great St. Bernard Pass, Switzerland

One of the highest road passes in Switzerland, the Great St. Bernard Pass connects Martigny in the canton of Valais in Switzerland with Aosta in the Aosta Valley in Italy. The astonishing pass crosses between Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa. It was famously the route Napoleon’s army took by to enter Italy.

This ancient Alpine pass has evidence of use dating back to the Bronze Age. The name comes from the Great St Bernard Hospice which was founded in 1049. It achieved its legendary status by using St. Bernard dogs for mountain rescue operations.

Autobahn to Romantic Road, Germany

The trip to Romantic Road is a delightful drive covering about 350 kilometres, traveling from Würzburg to Füssen along the famous Autobahn. There is plenty to see and do along the route and the quaint towns and scenery will delight your senses.

There are a number of ways to tackle the route. One is to start in Frankfurt, first taking in the historic Römerberg square then heading out to Heidelberg, enjoying the Heidelberg-Castle. From there, go to the medieval walled town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, one of the highlights of the route. Don’t forget the camera. Then it is on to Munich where there is much to experience and enjoy. Do not rush this trip as you will want to spend time along the way to truly appreciate all the area has to offer.

I highly recommend any or all of these road trips for spectacular views, adventure and excitement. Plan them and commit to them as soon as you can. Wish I could join you to see them again.

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