Can A Personal Trainer Help You With A Weight Loss Program?

Posted on Nov 24 2016 - 4:27pm by Editorial Staff

Lose Weight

Millions of women (and men) struggle with their weight. We live in a society where food is available in abundance and if you fancy a chocolate muffin at 3AM, chances are good that a shop is open near you. Whilst it is possible to blame our genes for that spare tire we carry around, in most cases, it is down to self-control rather than something we inherited from our parents.

Poor Lifestyle Choices

Being overweight is generally caused by a poor diet and not enough exercise. It’s simple really: if you eat too much and do too little exercise, you will put weight on. A few people out there struggle to lose weight because they have a metabolic disorder or they can’t exercise, but most overweight people are that way because of poor lifestyle choices.

There are many ways to start a weight loss program, but with personal trainers now touting their services from a high street gym near you, is the extra expense really worth it?Or would you be better off devising your own exercise program?

A Varied Personal Training Service

Personal trainers offer all kinds of services, from bespoke diet advice to Hit 180 fitness training. Unlike a regular gym class, when you train with a personal trainer, everything you do is designed to help you achieve your goals. For an hour, or however long your session is, you have your trainer’s undivided attention.

Celebrity personal trainers charge a fortune for their services, but you can easily sign up for a PT session at a local gym for a fraction of the cost. Nevertheless, two or three personal training sessions a week will add up over time, so you need to be sure you are benefitting before you commit.

Stick to the Program

One thing to remember is that you only get out what you put in. Personal trainers are trained to give detailed diet advice, but if you ignore their advice and stray off the path of righteousness when you are not at the gym, you won’t notice much progress.

The same applies to exercise away from the gym. Unless you can afford to have a session every other day, you will be expected to follow a training plan when you are working out alone. It’s not always easy to stay motivated when you don’t have a trainer screaming in your ear, so plenty of people slack off outside of their designated personal training sessions.

100% Commitment

To get the most out of personal training, you need to be 100% committed to work. There is little point in paying out good money if you are half-hearted about your goals. This is a waste of your time and theirs. Be honest – and realistic – about what you want to achieve and listen to your personal trainer’s diet and exercise recommendations. They are the expert, so pay attention and follow their advice to the letter. And if you are on a tight budget, share the cost of a session with two or three friends. It might even be more fun.

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