5 Reasons Why Display Marketing Is Still Effective

Posted on Jul 7 2015 - 6:37pm by Editorial Staff


With so many people flocking to the Web to find information and buy products, it is important for every business to gain online exposure. If you have the most amazing product to sell or an excellent service to offer, you won’t get any customers if they cannot find you easily. Fortunately, there are many effective ways to get exposure in today’s competitive marketplace. Here are 5 top reasons why every business should invest in display marketing.

You’ll enjoy lower marketing cost

Display marketing isn’t expensive as billboards and banners tends to cost more. This type of advertising is perfect for small businesses with limited resources. With millions of Internet users, businesses can reach their target users by simply spending a few pounds on display advertising campaigns. These strategies will not only improve your product or brand’s visibility, but they are also an efficient way to help you come up with an effective marketing plan.

You can feature your ads on relevant websites

Your typical customers will only be interested in your product or service if it’s of relevance to them. You should therefore display your adverts on the sites that they are most likely to visit. Using banner ads increases the likelihood of getting noticed and generating traffic. If you place your ads on websites that your target market doesn’t visit, you’ve not only wasted your money, but you’ve also risked losing potential customers.

You can capture the market through retargeting

Your target market may not always be converted into customers the first time they view your banner ads. Through display advertising, retargeting is an excellent way to remind online users of your product or brand. Retargeting allows you to convert readers into customers from second or third visits.

Programmatic ad trading will enhance the effectiveness of display advertising

Programmatic advertising helps ease the process of media buying by aiming for specific audiences. These ads are placed using real-time bidding for online display and social media campaigns. Programmatic ad trading is changing the way marketers buy and sell display advertising across Europe. But despite all the hype about displaying ads through real-time bidding, the programmatic display landscape is certainly a complex strategy that takes a little time to take off properly.

Online exposure really works

When you think of marketing, you may not automatically think of the message that it’s conveying. Online advertising prepares your audience for the sale of your service or product. This is why display advertising has been so effective in the last few years. According to extensive research that’s been carried out by Internet marketers, the effectiveness of display ads, whenever they’re exposed, makes an impression of audiences, even if they’re multi-tasking and not paying their full attention to the ad. Researchers call this ‘an exposure effect’, which means the user is consciously doing something else while subconsciously viewing your ads at the same time.

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