5 Best Education Startups For Avid Learners

Posted on Apr 15 2015 - 8:09pm by Editorial Staff


Educational technology does not stand still. Scientists are diligently looking for new learning techniques that will help improve the learning experience. The ongoing efforts to ameliorate the learning process open new horizons for startups. Companies working in this area offer a myriad of innovative educational techniques. Also you can read info about Personal Finance Apps development. Since there is no shortage of enterprises eager to invest money in education startups, this industry is growing very quickly.

Here are 5 most interesting and high-potential education startups:


This knowledge social network allows learning and sharing knowledge via your mobile device with just a few clicks. With this unique application, you can share your knowledge and experience with other users by curating the web. To explain anything or learn something new, you can use everything on the web – images, Google Documents and Maps, YouTube, blogs, books, sites, etc. Learnist is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


The idea of creating this peer-coaching platform for teachers came to its founder Tess Brustein when she was trying to find feedbacks on her teaching. If you want to have a detached opinion about your teaching methods and on the way you conduct your lessons, SmarterCookie is an ideal choice for you. It allows uploading short videos of your lessons and then inviting other coaches, professors, teachers, instructors, principles, etc. to view them and give feedbacks. This is a good way to increase your teaching skills.

Top Hat

Teaching and learning is a lot more interesting with Top Hat. This unique app, makes it easier to create interactive lectures, by turning students’ devices to answering tools. Such approach allows engaging students in a discussion through their mobile devices. Today Top Hat is used by 5 hundred universities and by over half a million students. This is a great tool for creative teachers, aspiring to make their teaching more interesting and exciting.


This video-based educational website is for the most curious users. The main hallmark of this website, differentiating it from other web learning platforms, are short but very informative videos. The lessons are not free, but their costs are pretty low.


This startup offers lessons for novice IT developers. Its programming lessons teach how to code in different languages, develop Android and iOS applications and create websites. The lessons are not free, but Treehouse promises to take their students “from zero experience to job ready”.

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