Which Football Team Has The Most Fanatic Fans? (Infographic)

Posted on Jan 13 2014 - 10:05am by Alexandra Ashton

Do you know how fanatic an English football fan can be? Try to compare any case you might know to the story of Andrew Canavan, a 35-year-old man that is probably the biggest Newcastle supporter ever. Last year, Canavan decided to show his never ending love forhis club by replacing his tradition glass eye by one with the club’s symbol.

His goal, he said later, was to show how much he loves Newcastle in a different and unusual way. Canavan’s three kids love the change and his wife is not even surprised by the Newcastle-themed glass eye her husband is now sporting. However, this act that shows how far true fanaticism can go took some time to happen. According to Andrew Canavan, he took a long time to persuade Newcastle United to allow him to wear the club’s crest in his eye, since it is a trademark.

Nevertheless, the story got a happy ending, despite the fact that the man has to endure some snide comments from some rivals. But, hey, it’s worth it! Nothing can even be so bad when, 20 years ago, Canavan had a retinal detachment caused bleeding of his pupil.

Now, this man, who claims he couldn’t be happier, cannot hide his love for the “magpies”, unless he walks around with his eye wide shut. Still, this is just one story among so many. English football supporters are truly some of the most dedicated in the world, spending thousands of pounds to follow their team anywhere and making amazing amounts of noise when supporting the players.

Unlike what happens in many other countries, in England the stadiums are never empty and the teams, no matter which one we are talking about, can always count with their fair share of support. Even the craziest type of support!


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