What Are The Best Family Cars?

Posted on Oct 8 2015 - 5:30pm by Editorial Staff

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If you are looking for a new family car, there are many different things to think about when searching for one that will meet your family’s needs. You may want to consider how green the car is, how much space it has, the cost and safety. Family cars are one of the most competitive areas in the auto world, so there is a huge range of cars available that are well built, practical for the family,and cheap to drive and extremely safe. Below are some of the best family cars you can buy.

Nissan Pulsar Hatchback

This model offers great value for money, at less than $24,000. It comes with air conditioning, 16-inch alloys, Bluetooth technology and six airbags. It has lots of legroom in the back, and the trunk is 385 liters, large enough to store big bulky items such as a stroller. It is extremely safe, with a standard safety kit and a five-star crash rating. The only negative for this model is that if you are driving a long distance, the seats aren’t very supportive and the resale value isn’t the best.

Skoda Octavia

The Skoda Octavia offers a safe, practical, spacious family vehicle and is cheap to run as well as great quality. The 1.2 liter engine makes the car run fast and smoothly and has low CO2 emissions. It has a DAB radio, rear parking sensors and a massive 590 litertrunk,although it isn’t the most exciting car to drive and doesn’t run quite as good as the VW Golf.

Honda Accord Hybrid

This best seller is extremely reliable and has great resale value. It is very safe, with rear view cameras, blind spot monitors and safety bags. It also looks great, is very spacious and has great fuel economy. The downside is the cost, coming in at around $30,000.

Ford Fusion

This car has a large interior to fit all the family and has voice activation, smart cruise control and blind spot monitoring for extreme safety. It is more expensive than some other family cars,coming in at a $22,400 starting price.

Audi A3 Sportback

This has a very classy interior, five doors and a very efficient diesel engine.The downside is that it isn’t one of the cheaper family cars, and rear visibility could be improved.

Why should you consider investing in one of these cars?

You should consider investing in one of these great family cars, especially if you want a spacious car with enough storage space to fit your expanding family. If you want to buy a family car but don’t have the money to pay outright, there are a number of payment options available, including paying a set fee per month or using a car loan company to finance your car. If you have bad credit, there are some bad credit car loans that allow you to spread the cost of the car even with a history of bad credit.

When looking at family cars, as a parent it is important that you find a car to suit your family and their needs. There are many great family cars available, but make sure you pick the best for you and your budget.

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