TV Shows And Magazines Soon Be Available On Google Play, Suggests Google Code References

Posted on Jun 27 2012 - 10:29am by Editorial Staff

Whoa, this is something big that might be “some” or even might be almost “everyone” is expecting to happen sometimes in the future. The source code of various Google web apps hosted on the Google Play marketplace by Reddit user ‘derpodactyl’ reveals – via The Next Web – upcoming features that users will be able to download magazine and TV shows through the store, this means bringing more content to Google TV owners as well as that to mobile device owners.

The individual magazine and TV episode references:

  • This magazine issue is now available on your device.
  • You have subscribed to this magazine. It is now available on your device.
  • Your TV episode is now ready to watch.
  • Your TV season is now ready to watch.

The source code also reveals a lot of minor upcoming features in the works:

  • app_editorial_reviews_enabled
  • hdw_browse_enabled
  • my_devices_page_enabled
  • sub_details_enabled
  • enable_plus_one_annotations_search
  • my_library_device_filter_enabled
  • device_thumbs_on_account_page_enabled
  • reviews_helpfulness_stats_enabled
  • reviews_author_badges_enabled
  • label_overview_reviews_enabled
  • developer_reply_enabled
  • minifeature_on_app_browse_pages_enabled
  • movies_dynamic_homepage
  • books_onebox_enabled
  • books_purchase_flow_cross_sell_enabled
  • movies_category_enabled
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