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Posted on Jul 14 2018 - 8:25am by Editorial Staff

We all love verbal games especially when we are hanging out with friends or family at their places. Games like dumb charades; atlas, truth or dare has been played by almost everyone. They have always been the best part of any party or gathering. Truth or dare has always been one of the most amazing and thrilling games to play with anyone whether with family, relatives or with friends. For instance, you are planning a sleepover with your colleagues or friends where no one (parents, pets, relatives, siblings, etc) can disturb you, then playing truth or dare, at that moment, is the best thing you can do.

Truth or dare is a very interesting game; it can be really fun as well as weird sometimes. You can pull legs of your special friends by asking them uncomfortable questions or by putting them in awkward situations. It is one the best ways to know more about the people you are interested in. suppose, you are on a date with person for the first time and you want to know more about him or her, in such scenarios, you can take help of this game – truth or dare, to ask him or her whatever you really want to know.

It is great way to know the secrets of the people you really care for. Plus, you get to put them in difficult situations so that you can actually see whether they can face the challenges or not. But to play it in the right way, you need to know some basic rules. Firstly, you cannot play it alone; you need at least two people to start this game. Now, sit together and feel comfortable to start with it. You must set the terms and penalties, clearly, before starting the game. These penalties and terms must be set up according to the age of the person.

Now, start the game, you need to spin the bottle on the table. The person sitting in front of the opening side of the bottle has to make a choice between truth or dare and the person sitting in front of the back side of the bottle, will ask a question about his life, interesting moments and intimate stuff (if chosen truth) or will give him a hard or funny task to perform (if chosen dare). In case, the person making choice between truth or dare, fails to give the right answer to the question or if he fails to complete the task, he or she will have to face the penalty.

This is the traditional way of playing truth or dare. You can even download the truth or dare apps online and play with strangers, or have your own friends group or enjoy a couple games. Yes, there are many interesting apps available online and also websites where you can enjoy dirty truth or dare games to spice up your relationship or to improve your social life and to have some fun. With the app, you can enjoy naughty truth or dares anywhere and during any hour of the day. This is great way to connect and socialize with people.

You can even check out the Android app and have a good experience and enjoy the interesting game of truth or dare. No doubt once you have checked it out and have tried it, you will want to go for it again and again.

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