Top US Golf Destinations (Infographic)

Posted on Oct 9 2018 - 7:01am by Editorial Staff

Employing 2 billion Americans and impacting over $70 billion every year, Golfing is one of the premier sports in the USA and the US golfing industry a prominent one. Out of the 33, 000 – odd golfing courses available in the world, a whopping 45% are within the US alone, making it a highly popular sport in the country.

Out of the thousands of courses available in the country, 77% are actually open to the public in one way or the other. So, no matter, where you are in the country, if are up for a game of golf, you are likely to find a course that you visit nearby. To be honest, there are three times as many golf courses in the public domain, than the ones that are private. So, you can simply pick up your gear and head to a course.

In case you are in California, Florida or Arizona, you are in for a treat! People here enjoy golf the most and you can find some of the best courses in the country, here. With 12 courses in vacation destinations, Arizona is quite a catch when it comes to golfing. Spend a day the course or with your family at the Grand Canyon or catch a Balloon Ride or relax at quality accommodation like Sheraton or Sedona.

The state of Florida has over a 1000 courses, of which 15 are located in vacation destinations. Offering Kennedy Space Center and other theme parks for family outings, Florida has quality accommodations like Old Corkscrew Golf Club and Mission Inn Golf Resort, exclusively for golfers like you.

California also boasts of more than a 1000 courses, with over 20 located in prime vacation destinations. Family outings like Disneyland or Skiing can be coupled with stays at Meritage Resort or Rams Hill Golf Club.

Love knowing the facts as above, the infographic via Bird Golf Academy shared the best.

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