Your Top Challenges And Issues As A Ladyboy On Transgender Websites For Dating

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In this day and age, if you are not on a dating site or application, finding someone to date or hook up with can be very difficult. But it’s not always rain and sunshine on these platforms too. Even on online dating sites you find on, there are hoards of dynamic issues and challenges you might encounter.

If dating as a cis-gender person is difficult already, it is even harder for transgender people. Whether offline or online, societal pressure, ignorance, wrong expectations, and outright transphobia can affect relationships between transgender individuals and their cis-gender partners. Here are some of the common problems transgender people are likely experience with online dating.

Hostility/cyber-bullying: Cyberbullying is a phenomenon common to all online platforms. But people are even more hostile towards members of minority groups like transexual people. They are targets of hateful comments and mean attacks from transphobic people on these dating sites. Several trans-people also get kicked off dating sites either temporarily or permanently because they get reported by guys when their sexuality is discovered. If such reports occur too often, the account might get flagged permanently and may be banned from the platform entirely. This is a reality many trans people on dating platforms have to come to terms with.

Disrespectful/ inappropriate questions: according to a survey by the UCLA school of law, there are roughly 1.4 million people in America who currently identify as transgender. Yet, despite this number, there are still several misconceptions and widespread misunderstanding of trans issue among the general public. This ignorance about trans issues is one of the biggest challenges trans women have to face especially on mainstream dating platforms.

For a she-male on many of these platforms, it seems all respect for them flies out of the window once men identify their sexuality. There are several instances of men just jumping right in to ask what is in their pants if they are gay among other inappropriate and disrespectful questions. While many of these questions are only born out of curiosity, it doesn’t make them any less inappropriate and disrespectful. 

Fetish: Despite the fact that transsexuality is not a new societal issue, the attitude of several people to it has remained quite inundating. Most men on dating sites still see dating or having sex with a trans person as a mere fetish, thus reducing them to mere fantasies or objects of desire alone. As such, it can be quite difficult fora tranny to find genuine love on these platforms. Most men who try to make connections only do so out of curiosity. the worst part is that it is difficult to identify which friend request is born out of genuine intention to know you as a person or out of curiosity or fantasy to see what sex with a shemale would feel like.

Disclosure: identity disclosure used to be a major issue on most online dating platforms in the past. These days, most online dating platforms now make it easy for transgender individuals to declare their sexuality on their bio. This has made it slightly simpler for trannies to disclose their identity. But not all dating platforms have this feature yet. It is also possible that you are not willing to disclose your identity on your profile and would rather tell friends who connect with you directly or as the relationship progresses. This is common with people who are just coming out of the closet or are afraid of rejection. Disclosing your identity this way is most times awkward and can elicit mean and possible reactions from the person you are chatting with.

Real-life meetings: perhaps the scariest part of dating for transwomen is meeting up physically. Relationships don’t stay online even if they start there. However, trans hate crimes is still a big issue in our society which makes online dating potentially dangerous. Many transwomen are attacked, beat up and may even be killed by people they meet online when they arrange a physical meet up. The reality of these hate crimes against trans women makes real-life meetings a lot harder than they should be. Even after disclosing their sexuality before meeting the individual in person, a nagging fear will still exist about the possibility of a violent or hateful reaction when you finally meet in person. Here is a detailed guide to dating for transgender women looking for love.

App limitation and restrictions: most dating websites and apps are not wired to be the most welcoming of places for transexual people. Finding love or hookups on mainstream apps like Tinder and Grindr among others can be difficult for trans men and women. Many of them have been quite slow to recognize the specific needs of trans users on their platform. For example, Tinder did not allow users to identify their gender as “trans” until 2016. This is lack of options asides the binary male and the female identifier is a major restriction on many mainstream dating sites even till date.

But even apps built specifically for trans men and women also have their limitations too. The app Transdr which is one of the more popular option for transgender relationships has been criticized several times for the use of derogatory terms within the app and for their adverts. A lot of these apps also do very little to protect trans individuals on their platform. For example, several platforms put very little restrictions on slurs and abusive languages. Many of them also allow people who you haven’t approved to send you messages. These make it possible for trans men and women to become easy targets for hateful comments and jabs. These limitations as simple as they may sound pose serious problems and possible threats for users of these platforms.

Conclusion: Dating as a transgender can be a nerve-wracking experience. The fact that most mainstream dating platforms are not designed with trans people in mind makes it even harder to find love there. Sites supposedly designed for trans dating also have their own problems as well. All of these problems are a mere reflection of a general lack of understanding and acceptance of trans people in our society. It is important that trannies recognize these challenges and risks. This will help them to navigate these issues better and keep them safer in the long run.

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