Top 10 iPhone Home Improvement Apps To Help You Do It Yourself

Posted on Jan 17 2014 - 10:16am by Damian Wolf

Home Improvement

In this era of technology, we can sometimes feel insignificant. How would you feel if there is a pipe leaking in your home and you cannot do anything about it? You need to pay for a plumber and sometimes they can be quite pricey. There can be many other similar situations which could annoy us, but more often than not, the combination of technology and our positive attitude to DIY home repairs can bring various solutions. For example, iPhone or iPad users can install useful apps that are helpful with decorating, maintaining or fixing things.

So take a look:

1. Home DIY with Craig Phillips

This free iOS app will offer you videos for some home projects that you could do by yourself. Putting wallpaper on your walls, creating shopping lists and tips on how to do tiling and even how much material you would need for a certain project – all this is included in this application. Interesting, useful and free, do you need more than that?

2. Photo measures

If you are a person who has a problem with remembering numbers and measurements, you better write them down. There is another problem that occurs. You can lose a piece of paper anytime of simply forget it. So, in order to avoid these annoying situations, you can have your measurements with you, with one object that is almost always with you – your phone! For just $4.99 you get Photo Measures. Just take a picture of the target area and the app will offer you the possibility of inputting measurements and notes while if you’re a real estate professional and already using this app, my recommendation is to try LockedOn real estate crm software and improve your business.

3. Houzz

When renovating or buying a home, you need some fresh ideas on how to put it all together? If you are bored with searching that one image in a magazine that you once saw, try an application which will help you a lot! 2,000,000 photos and ideas are just a word away! Type the name of the room you need to decorate or furnish, or type something related to your ideas.

4. iFixit

By offering a multitude of free detailed solutions to fixing things in your home, this application has reached the top in DIY/Repair manuals apps. The high resolution of the pictures is what makes your job even easier. Need to see some small parts of a certain piece of technology you need to repair? Just zoom in and you are there. Here you can even find manuals on how to repair your Xbox, your phones, cameras, etc.

5. DIY watch

This is an excellent application for those of you who are bored with reading long DIY texts which are not that easy to understand. Now you can watch step-by-step videos and you cannot miss a thing! By making it possible to search and subscribe to any DIY show, you will easily find all that you need. It is useful for your home, and you will get notifications if any new content is available. It is never late to learn something new!

6. Snapguide

Detailed how to guides are available in this application. Luckily, it is free, so you can browse different categories such as cooking, gardening, fixing, making, renovating. etc. Another advantage of this application is that you can share all your search results and saved guides on social networks. This way, you can share your experiences and gather new ideas and tips.

7. Paint Tester

Don’t make a mistake and put a color on your wall randomly! Now you have an iOS application that will help you with your choice. You can see how your wall will look with a specific color and shade. Just make a photo of the room you need to paint and if you want, you can save your favorite colors and how they look on your walls.

8. iHandy Level

Crooked pictures on your walls? Not well leveled furniture? Well, maybe you should consider trying iHandy Level. It will be so easy. Just turn on your application – you don’t need to buy your own Level and toss it afterwards to be forever forgotten somewhere in your garage. Now you can do this with your phone and carry it around with no additional effort.

9. Gardening Toolkit

If you are one of those people with a house and a garden,  Gardening Toolkit is an application for you! So many questions about which plant you should put in your garden? How to fertilize it? How often to water it? With this app, you have all the valuable information in one place – your phone! Just put in the address of your home and this application can offer the most suitable plants for that region, climate and even period of the year. Make a record of which plants you own and this application can remind you of fertilizing, harvesting and watering. Learn about your garden by downloading the Garden toolkit for just $1.99.

10. Screwfix toolbox

Screwfix toolbox will help you estimate how much material you will need and it will also estimate the number of potential projects you will perform at your home. It includes materials calculator, output requirements, spirit level and qr scanner. The first one will help you estimate how much materials you need for a project while the second deals with estimating the requirements for heating and air conditioning your home. The third one is not that useful where precision is needed, but the fourth option helps you find videos and information about a product online.

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