Three Ways Technology Has Changed In The Last Ten Years

Posted on Aug 3 2015 - 3:00pm by Editorial Staff

Can you remember a time you couldn’t pick up your phone and Google anything? Obviously, that time did exist, but it seems so long ago. That long ago that it is hard to even imagine what life is like. Although it is in the past, looking back and reflecting is sometimes an important process. It keeps us humble and reminds us of what we have now. Regardless of whether that is a positive or negative experience, it is an important one.

You No Longer Get Lost

With satellite navigation systems, or sat navs as they are more commonly known, it is almost impossible to get lost. Sat navs and GPS systems are part of all internet based devices, so as long as you have your mobile or tablet on your person you always have a way back home.

The World Is At Our Fingertips

You only need the internet and you can find out anything you need to know in seconds. Libraries are almost obsolete because it is all on Google. Researching and finding information has never been quicker or easier. As a result, the world is s much smaller place.

You Are Always Active

Because you will always have an internet ready device, you will always be on the grid. Someone, somewhere, will be able to access your location or even see what you are doing at that very point. We now live in the world where there is no turning back.

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