The Right Scoop On Ice Cream

Posted on May 21 2018 - 9:02am by Editorial Staff

Ice cream always manages to get a smile on any one’s face. This treat is so welcome in the hot Indian summer, where the temperatures are soaring; you just want something to give you a cool break from the heat. So if you are an ice cream fanatic, this infographic is for you. Right from its history to statistics that show you which country leads in the consumption of this frozen treat, this info graphic has it all. Did you know that ice cream was enjoyed in ancient Greece, who ate a version of ice cream during their days? But it was not until 1300 when Marco Polo sailed to Europe with a form of ice cream and that is when it became popular would over. But this frozen desert was enjoyed, for a considerable amount of time, by the elite and high society till it finally became affordable for everyone to enjoy. Today ice cream is one of the most popular treats worlds over.

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