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Posted on Jul 24 2013 - 1:10am by Suraj Singh

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First impression is the last impression. The way you dress says a lot about your personality and also how serious you are about the interview. It is important that you match your interviewer’s perception about you. It is expected of every candidate that he/she must be fully prepared when coming for an interview including the right attire. Projecting the right image of a hard working, dedicated employee is the key to cracking any interview. Your apt attire will surely help you in creating that perfect impression required.

The job profile you are applying for is important in choosing the right outfit. If you have applied for a job in fashion industry then dressing up with a touch of glamour is important. For corporate industry crisp formal clothing is perfect. Formal shirts and trousers for men and women are the safest options you can choose. Listed below are a few pointers that you can keep in mind for dressing up for your next job interview.


Do thorough research of your employer and ask as many questions to the HR or the consultancy firm who have arranged for the interview. This will help you understand your work environment and what dress code they follow.

Be stylish not funky

You might love to follow trends but while going for a job interview, keep it stylish but not over-the-top. Don’t flaunt high-end fashion brands; this might scare your employer off. Instead opt for simple clothing with crisp detailing, for e.g., a white shirt, black trousers are classic. Girls can add a coloured scarf to make the look stylish.  Guys can add a blazer to add corporate yet trendy appeal.

Clean up

Pressed khakis, dress pants and fitted trousers are must-have for everyone. Matching shoes and clean socks are equally important. Please keep your statement t-shirts, droopy jeans and funky shoes away as this is not the time to flash your casual side.

Accessorize appropriately

Girls can accessorize with elegant jewellery like a pearl string, silver bracelet or a simple watch. Guys should restrict their accessorizing only to a classy watch. Please keep all your jingles and trinkets at home.


Guys should be clean shaven with gelled hair neatly combed. Spikes and mohawks are a complete no-no. Freshly painted nails, light make-up and neatly tied hair are perfect for girls. Apply perfume/aftershave which is not too strong and does not give your interviewer a headache.


The interviewers will not look at only your face and attire. Wearing the right shoes is very critical so stick to closed ones. Guys can stick to the conventional polished oxfords while heeled pumps, mary-janes or peeptoes perfectly match trousers for women. Get them repaired from the cobbler if there are any issues.

The color

Color of your attire is extremely crucial as it helps to convey the right message to your interviewer. Blue, white being the most preferred color for formal shirts; gray and black are ideal for trousers. You can experiment with shades of blue and gray in formal shirts for men to match your trousers. These colors portray sophistication and class and look pleasing in every season. Bright colors like green, red, orange or yellow should be restricted as they are too cheery and the interviewer might think you are not serious. This again depends on what job profile you applying for. Trousers for women, pencil skirts and flared formal skirts are some of the options that can be tried.

Confidence and smile

These are the most important accessories you need to wear along with your attire. An outfit is incomplete without them. Prepare yourself thoroughly and carry a positive attitude when you walk into that door to face your interviewer.

Dress smartly, groom perfectly and prepare thoroughly for cracking the interview. Make sure you carry the formal attire comfortably. Flaunt your confidence side with a smile and the dream job is sure to be yours.

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