The Positive Impact Of Immigration

Posted on Sep 6 2013 - 11:10am by Cally Greene


At first glance, immigration could sound a bit off since it renders the population of certain societies unstable. However, when looked upon from certain tangible perspectives, immigration actually triggers a multitude of positive impacts that are rather striking than needlessly depressing.

Increasing the Labor Force

Looking at the macro scale, immigration props the labor force of a country. Particularly, as countries accept immigrants into their territories, they are also more likely to collect brain and brawn power from “newly-accommodated” human resources.

With the increase in the brawn power, factories and construction sites would be able to generate more income as they hire more people with blue collar skills.

On the other hand, researchers and offices would be able to create and introduce better ideas and theories as the number of white collar workers protrude along with the increase in brain power.

Such things might also mean a larger national capacity to produce and reproduce resources and items. Obviously, this would then render a more stable and powerful economy.

All of these effects are particularly evident in the United States of America. As the country accepts immigrants from foreign countries such as the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Korea, it was also able to suffice its need for people who are into professions that are in line with medicine, construction, and food processing.

Improving the International Image

Nations that do not erratically hamper immigrants may also create a good impression to the international community.
They may easily attract investors and multinational companies who may have been planning to set up their business on exotic lands. They may also please and entice huge event organizers who are planning to host larger-than-life occasions.

Needless to say, both of these would certainly generate jobs, create products, generate resources, and hike the economic stature of a nation.

Enriching the Cultural Setting

Foreigners or aliens may also impart particular customs and traditions to the people of the accommodating countries. As these customs and traditions enter societies, they may also affect the trends or create the styles that would prevail over the social structure.

For example, when Koreans entered the United States of America, they have also introduced new fashion styles to the nation. In a way, they have certainly affected the way in which people look at the image of US.

The good thing is, the cultural enrichment does not end just right there. The interference of external influences may also trigger a mutual exchange of customs and traditions between the people. As the natives of a country learn from the outsiders, the latter could also acquire something from the former.

Opening Doors to Talented and Productive Individuals

On a less enormous scale, countries that openly accept immigrants could also provide opportunities to people who may have failed to build up their careers in their home countries.

They could take part in the advancement of less stable countries. The remittances that could be sent by the immigrants, to their families play a great role in the generation of income for such countries.

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