The Anatomy Of The Master Traveller

Posted on Jan 5 2015 - 9:13am by Alexandra Ashton


Going on journey can be a really stressful experience. You need to make lot of decision and that can be nerve wrecking. Even though you know that you need to relax and enjoy the experience that is easier to say than to do. This is especially hard to do if you don’t travel that often, because you want to be prepared for every problem and opportunity that comes in your way. You just don’t have the confidence of experience travellers who have adapted “que sera” approach, but that can change. Master travellers have some interesting tips and tricks that make their journey a lot easier and definitely less stressful. You should learn from them and follow their steps to make the most from your journey.

One great idea all master travellers know is to do your research before you go on your trip. You should try learning the language of the host country, at least some main phrases. This way you will impress locals and show that you respect their culture. This will score you a lot of points, which can never be bad in a foreign country. One great advice you should learn from master travellers is to always research public transportation. You will definitely depend on it if you are not traveling by your car. It is always good to know how often does it go and how much you will need to pay it. One of the greatest secrets of master travellers is that they use technology at their advantage. You will make your life a lot easier if you equip your smartphone will destination specific apps. At the app store you can find map of the destination, bus or tube schedule, where the free public toilets are and much more. Find out more great advices in this amazing infographic.


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