Starting An Outdoor Business – Is It Costly?

Posted on Jan 31 2019 - 9:09am by Editorial Staff

For some people, working in a factory, office warehouse or store is stifling. They want to work outdoors in the fresh air but would still like the business to be their own. There are some outdoor businesses that cost very little to set up and others where more funding is needed.

If you are not happy in your 9 till 5 indoor job, perhaps the time has come for you to look closer at some of the options for outdoor businesses, what they involve and the cost of setting them up.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows is the sort of job that home dwellers either love or hate. Glass is not always easy to get clean without leaving smears, which is why so many of them are happy to pay a window cleaner to do the job for them. There is no formal training needed or even experience. You just need to be prepared to work hard and do a good job if you want repeat business.

The American Window Cleaner Magazine has examples of people who have grown large businesses in this field, as it is not just the domestic market that is open to window cleaners. Think how many storefronts need cleaning every day, and then there are office blocks, schools and many other sorts of buildings with windows.

To get started costs very little, as, apart from some clothes and ladders, you do not need much more. For one person on their own, it is estimated $250 dollars should be enough but, of course, as the business grows, more equipment will be needed.

‘Window Cleaner’ – Nicu Buculei via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Landscape Gardeners

If you want to be a landscape gardener, you will need to be rich in knowledge about plants of all types. You will need to understand the differences between different types of slabs and rocks and be aware of the various sprinkler systems on the market. You will be working to enhance the outside of people’s homes or maybe their business premises. As you would be on the client’s premises, you would also need landscaper insurance in case you are ever sued for an accident or damage to property.

The cost of setting up this type of business is around the $1,000 dollar mark for the basic tools you will need. As you make profits, you can invest in other equipment that can make the job easier and perhaps, then, have a van with a sign written with your name and trade.

‘Gardener Gone’ – rebelxtned via Flicker (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Delivery Service

If you enjoy being on the roads in your vehicle or on your motorcycle, you could offer a delivery service. You could even do this on a bicycle, although you would be more limited in the size of the deliveries you could handle. If you already have the car or truck, apart from changing your insurance to business use, the only other cost would be advertising, to let businesses know of the service you are offering. According to Chron, there are some states where you need a license to offer a delivery service.

You could spend a few dollars on this and, with the extra insurance costs, could be looking at around $200 to get started.

Many Other Outdoor Businesses

These are just three examples of outdoor businesses; the list of them all is endless. You need to consider what you think you might enjoy and then look at the startup costs before making a final decision.

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