Sony Announced 1.5TB Archive Solution

Posted on Apr 16 2012 - 9:33am by Editorial Staff

Sony today announced that it will be commercializing a next-generation optical disc archive storage system. The company’s new system will deliver superior long-term storage capabilities, which are enabled through the use of media built to withstand changes in temperature and humidity, and is dust and water resistance. The company plans to consecutively enhance its product lineup upon this initial release.

The new system provides guaranteed intergenerational compatibility and eliminates the need to re-archive copies of past archive data, offering a more user-friendly and dependable long-term storage solution. Sony will be releasing various optical disc media for archive storage solutions into the market that is compatible with the “ODS-D55U” drive unit equipped with a USB 3.0 interface and storage capacities between 300GB-1.5TB by fall 2012.

ODS-D200U is an Optical Disc Archive Drive which can handle Optical Disc Cartridges containing 12 discs. Once driver software is installed in a PC, you can connect ODS-D200U easily via USB3.0 IF and use Optical Disc Cartridge as a single large volume. ODS-D200U will accept any type of data files just like other IT storage. With its longevity and reliability, Optical Disc is an ideal solution for preserving asset of AV contents.


  • Best suited for archiving any data file, long term
  • Direct and quicker access than legacy linear data tape systems
  • New optical disc cartridge, scalable capacity up to 1.5TB per cartridge
  • USB3.0 interface
  • Robotics for ODS-D200U planned for the future
  • Available Fall 2012
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