Simple Summer Revamp For Your Home On A Budget

Posted on Dec 14 2016 - 2:14pm by Editorial Staff

Summer is a time of hot, lazy days, bright sunshine and bold colours all around.

Ideally you want to be relaxing by the pool or lazing on the beach. While that might be possible some of the time, we are still going to have to spend a fair amount of time at home. All the more reason to bring a bit of summer cheers into your home.

To create a fresh summer look, you just have to use cooldehumidifier and other resources. Let’s look at a few simple summer revamp ideas for your home that can be done on a budget.

Bring the Outdoors In

Indoor plants are a must for any home. They brighten the place up, look great and even help to purify the air. Look for low maintenance plants that are suited to indoor living. They can be small and interesting or big and bold; it is all up to you.

Take them outdoors once every few weeks for a good watering and rinse any dust off the leaves. Be careful not to put them in full midday sun on a hot day as you could burn them.

You get some great indoor plants with stunning flowers but even something with an interesting shape and leaf texture will add a bit of warmth to a room. A bunch of fresh flowers is beautiful but lasts a few days, perhaps one week maximum. For the same money, you could get an attractive indoor plant that will last many years.

Lighten Up

Lighting makes as dramatic difference on your home and we are spoilt for choice these days with the dazzling options available. Select a few rooms that need a bit of added sparkle and install a few new lights. If a room is looking dark and dismal, do something about it. Go for a dramatic chandelier or big bold lights in a funky design.

Go for Extra Seating

Summer is a time of friends and family so you might well find extra guests around. Look at your seating, especially the kitchen area and make some changes. Substitute chairs for benches. They could be wicker, wrought iron or even a long church pew. Funk them up with a few bright cushions and you are set.

Funk Up the Fireplace

Clean and clear up the fireplace and mantle. Store away the winter décor and find something new and interesting to create a bit of brightness and excitement in the area. Try to find some sort of theme and look around the house, there are bound to be a few novel items you can use to spruce it up.

Small Details

While winter is a time for cosy nights by the fire and lends itself to a bit of hoarding, summer needs clear, bright spaces.  Go through the house and store away some of the older things, replacing them with bright, bold items. Go for a few new pillows, a colourful vase or a few new accent pieces.

Spruce Up Bathrooms

Do not neglect them the bathrooms and give them a bit of summer loving too. Get a few bright new towels and eye catching rug to give it that warm glow.

Have some fun in the kids’ bathrooms too and choose a great summer theme. A few inexpensive knickknacks can be brought in to make it a jolly, lively place for them.

DIY Wall Art

Another really cost effective thing you can do is framed fabric art pieces for the wall. Shop around for a really cool fabric design and frame it in a simple style. This will add a unique and very cool focal point in the room.

That was really just a taste of ideas, there are millions more that can be done for song and make an instant impact on your new summer house look. Be brave and bold, look around for funky things you can repurpose and you can easily give your home a simple summer revamp on a budget.

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