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Posted on Jan 29 2020 - 4:46am by Editorial Staff

Does your gym have a system to control the flow of people? Have you thought about the application of full height turnstiles? Well, as the movement in these environments is usually great, organizing the entry and exit of students, employees and service providers is essential to optimize their management and the security of the place.

In this article we will talk about 4 benefits for those who invest in the use of turnstiles for gyms. Check it out below!

Control access

First, we will reinforce the main function of the turnstiles: regulating the transit of people through the gym. The idea is to organize the entrance of the students, making one to enter at a time and, thus, facilitate the identification of the individuals and standardize the access. Another advantage is that who is not authorized, will not be able to enter the academy. For these reasons, you start to recognize better who is registered, or not, in your business and transmits greater comfort and safety to your students and employees.

Monitor student attendance

When the turnstiles are properly integrated into a gym management system, you can use the access data to optimize the relationship with students. Monitoring allows you to identify the times of entry and exit, the periods of the day or the busiest days of the week. It is information that brings more intelligence to your administration.

This data can be used as a basis for making more efficient decisions, such as:

– The creation of promotions or other marketing strategies aimed at students who attend less busy times;
– Invest in the purchase of more equipment or professionals due to a greater number of enrolled;
– Reduce or expand the opening hours on strategic days and times;
– Make projections of income and expenses according to the students’ access history.

Strengthen security

This is one of the main, if not the best benefit of using turnstiles for students. Of course, your academy has a lot to gain, or rather, not to lose, since it inhibits the entry of thieves, defaulters and unauthorized people, in addition to facilitating the identification of people who may commit internal thefts. Returning to enrollment, the turnstiles are more peaceful, especially for those who usually leave their belongings on some shelf or equipment. This solution is also good for regulating the entry of employees and service providers, since they will be previously identified with their fingerprints or cards. Therefore, the possibilities of entering a bandit in disguise are reduced.

Increase the perceived value of the academy
A gym with a turnstile at the door adds value to your image. This is because customers realize that it is a safer and more professional environment than other gyms that do not invest in this item. Thus, it can attract the interest of new students and increase the number of enrollments.

Throughout the text, we realized that the use of turnstiles for gyms has advantages for the management, security and revenue of your business. These are benefits that, in practice, improve professionalism and business management, since you will have more control over people’s access and more strategic information about them; and reinforce the students’ tranquility, since they can do their activities without any major concerns.

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