Why Retiring Overseas Is A Great Decision

Posted on Apr 24 2017 - 7:40pm by Editorial Staff

Today, an increasingly high number of people is subscribing to the idea of retiring abroad, especially in the United States.  Besides presenting you an opportunity to see the world from a new perspective, retiring overseas comes with loads of other great benefits for retirees.

In that light, we give you reasons why retiring abroad is the best decision you can make as far as your retirement is concerned. It doesn’t matter whether you have financial or credit issues; just examine credit repair reviews online, and you will get a reliable company to help you out.

The World Becomes Your Playground

Various parts of the world, such as Southeast Asia and Latin America, are far more affordable and probably more fascinating when compared to your home country.  All you need to do is choose your ideal climate as well as your preferred type of scenery, and you will instantly raise your happiness quotient.

Access to Affordable Cost of Living

In the U.S., retirement keeps getting more costly as the costs incurred by retirees rise more rapidly when compared to the Consumer Price Index. Moreover, retiring has its fair share of challenges in light of the fact that drawing Social Security before attaining the retirement age means you will receive a slimmer check.

It’s also worth noting that the U.S. dollar has been on a roll against virtually all foreign currencies. For instance, in 2015 alone, the U.S. dollar increased 12% against the Mexican peso; 14.5% against the Australian dollar; and 10% against the Euro.

These trends have resulted in a higher cost-of-living for retirees in the United States when compared to various destinations overseas.

Technology Makes it Easy

Thanks to modern technology, moving abroad has become extremely easy. You can easily and quickly find useful information about your preferred destination on your Smartphone or laptop. Such information includes:

  • Exchange rates
  • Weather data
  • Language translations

Likewise, you can stay in touch with family and friends from virtually any part of the world. If you want to consult, write, or pursue any other retirement dreams, as long as you move to a place with good internet connection, you’ll be a happy person.

Access to Affordable Healthcare

Retiring abroad will help you make considerable savings on healthcare. A visit to the doctor in Asia or Latin America, for instance, will cost you between $10 and $40.

Likewise, dental care is normally 20% the U.S. cost. Moreover, some countries provide public health plans, which will give you massive savings when compared to your home country.

Time and Freedom to Do Everything You Want

As a retiree, when you dwell in the kind of place you have always dreamt of, everything will be gratifying. You can take easy strolls on the beach, go hiking in the mountains, bask in the sweet morning sun enjoying a steamy cup of coffee, enjoy in-house parties with friends, and everything else you have ever wanted to do in a perfect setting.

Access to Social Security

Many aspiring retirees wonder whether they will still get social security benefits if they decide to retire out of the country. You should know that you have every right to collect the benefits you have accrued irrespective of where you choose to retire.


If you’re looking to have a thrilling retirement life, then you should consider retiring overseas. If you opt to retire abroad, you will get an opportunity to start an entirely new life in a fascinating environment. You’ll also enjoy loads of benefits that normally come with retiring overseas.

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