Report: China’s Shenzhen Emerging Country In Internet And Microblogging Penetration

Posted on Dec 14 2012 - 11:29am by Editorial Staff


With China leading towards as one of top emerging destination for manufacturing, the country’s Shenzhen has leading the country in Internet and microblogging penetration, a report suggests. The report says that the number of internet in this China’s southern city has reached at par 7.97 million by end of 2011, re-electing China’s “most internet city with most internet penetration rate of 76.8%.”

While, on comparison this with China’s other cities number, Beijing and Shanghai having 70.3 percent and 66.2 percent Internet penetration, respectively. The mobile internet users were estimated to have 72.6 percent of total Shenzhen’s online population. 23.2% of Shenzhen netizens buy online while 42.8% of Shenzhen netizens use online banking, 46.5% of Shenzhen netizens use online payment using the travel booking.

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