Report: 24.3% Of Top 10,000 Sites In The World Features Facebook’s Official Widgets

Posted on Jun 18 2012 - 10:48pm by Editorial Staff

According to a new study by website monitoring service Pingdom, 24.3% of the top 10,000 websites in the world now feature some form of official Facebook integration on their homepages. And if you include regular links to Facebook, the number soars up to a highly impressive 49.3%. And in case anyone wonders, Facebook’s official like button is on 7.3% of the site homepages.

Talking about other social networking sites: Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn:


  • 10% of the homepages have one of Twitter’s official widgets.
  • 4.3% of the homepages have a Twitter share button.
  • If you also count links, Twitter has a presence on 41.7% of the homepages.


  • Google+ doesn’t have as many official widgets and plugins as Facebook, or even Twitter, but its +1 button and it’s sharing and badge alternatives are on 13.3% of the homepages.
  • If you also include links to, Google+ is on 21.5% of the homepages.
  • If you only count links to, you end up with 12.3% of the homepages.


  • 0.6% of the homepages have LinkedIn integration.
  • LinkedIn’s official share button is on 0.3% of homepages.
  • If you also count any kind of link to LinkedIn, the number grows to 3.9%.

Counting all kinds of links and official widgets, here is Pingdom’s final count:

  • Facebook: 49.3%
  • Twitter: 41.7%
  • Google+: 21.5%
  • LinkedIn: 3.9%

(Image Source: Facebook like, Featured Image)

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